Chapter 7 of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: The Tendency of the Subconscious Is Lifeward



The Tendency of the Subconscious Is Lifeward


…just like pasta


This chapter brings on ideas such as:


-an intelligence which takes care of the body

-how your body recreates itself in about 11 months, every 11 months..(an article here discussing its 7-10 years. But we get the idea)

-Thoughts of jealousy, fear, worry, and anxiety tear down your nerves and overextend your glands….

and more!


I also discuss the results of the ‘project banana hand off Boudoin 10 day technique’ experiment.


Like never ending breadsticks, this episode has about the same amount to do with pasta, but still is a welcome addition to any awkward Italian food themed public get together we all used to have before the Covid-19 times. 


Let us grow like stomachs after a carb rich meal, in our relationship with our subconscious mind. Allowing it to enrich our lives as spaghetti enriches our digesetive system.


Link to the blouuerrg about project banana


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I Was Handed A Banana

(It works. The power is there. For me, there was definitely a participation requirement.)

Evidence…at least that I have borderline illegible handwriting.

In the 10th episode of my podcast I narrate and commentate on the 6th chapter of Joseph Murphy‘s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. This particular episode has a lot of “how to-ing”. One method in particular caught my attention. The Baudoin ‘ten day’ technique where Charles Baudoin, a professor at the Rousseau Institute in France, taught –” that the best way to impress the subconscious mind was to enter into, a drowsy, sleepy, state, or a state akin to sleep in which all effort was reduced to a minimum. Then in a quiet passive, receptive way, by reflection he would convey the idea to the subconscious. The following is his formula: “A very simple way of securing this (impregnation of the subconscious mind) is to condense the idea which is to be the object of suggestion, to sum it up in a brief phrase which can be readily graven on the memory, and to repeat it over and over again as a lullaby.”” –The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Joseph Murphy

The ‘ten day’ portion comes from the example used following the description listed above where a woman who was having issues with her husbands children from a former marriage concerning complications about who gets what, if anything at all, in the Will, applied the Baudoin technique for 10 days. on the 11th her issue was resolved with everyone in the family coming to agreement. Hence the Baudoin ’10 day’ technique.

Charles Baudoin..or Baudouin. The second U makes it extra French looking.

The ultimate end of this podcast is to explore and employ methods to mental mastery and manifestation. To expand the awareness of the endless possibilities carried within us all. To get us living the life we want. To be the most effective and affective we can be. So, during the podcast I threw myself into the deep end and subscribed to employing one of these techniques myself. 10 days is an easy ask so I jumped into Baudoin’s boat. In the podcast episode you’ll hear me figure I want to give it a go but keep it simple. I end up choosing, to wrap up the desire to employ the power of my subconscious mind for my podcast but also to not have anything too deeply related to my life and well being that I stress myself out for 10 days. I chose, in retrospect a very bizarre and not at all easily distilled statement to have drop into my reality, but as apparent inspiration I said “I am handed a banana”. So that’s what I went with.

As a reminder I wrote two sticky notes, one of which appears above, photographed for evidence of this experiment. One was stuck dangling on the lower left corner of my computer monitor, the other stuck to my bedside desk near where I place my nightly glass of water. For the next 10 days, from the nights of the 8th-18th of July, I would, very casually, repeat the phrase to myself in playful, rhythmic beat sessions, as I faded into sleep mode. I never set a timer to ensure I was on top of my repetitions and it really wasn’t top of mind at all until day Seven.

When day Seven rolled around that was when I started thinking “oh man first go is gonna be a fail” and a thought came into my head “you could goto the store and maybe buy a bunch. That way you’ll have some available at the house. Who knows maybe someone will hand you one at King Soopers.”

No one handed me a banana at King Soopers. Though they had plenty to purchase. I grabbed a bunch, a knot, a fist? what do you call a group of bananas? (we’ll go with Harry Belafonte’s “six foot seven foot eight foot bunch” precedent) I grabbed a bunch, acquired my other listed items, paid and went home. I placed them, gleaming yellow, on top of a bag of oranges so they would pop even more to the eye. The day turned into night. No one handed me a banana.

The next day, Day Eight, rose with the sun. I currently live with my brother in his house and the two of us were in the kitchen sipping coffee and allowing our second brains to figure out what they wanted to eat when another thought popped into my head “ask him to hand you a banana” The next thought in reply stated “wouldn’t that be cheating?” “how? You wanted to manifest someone handing you a banana. You created the very situation to arise where you being handed a banana is a 99% certainty..all you have to do is ask for it” I tell you readers there was this little bit of me that, like a spoiled child not getting his way, crossing his arms and pouting, a part of me whined “but I wanted it to be haaaaanded to me” surprised and defiant to this childish interior response, I asked “could you hand me a banana please?”

Now my brother did, briefly, try to see if there was any other way I might be able to get the banana myself without him just up and handing it to me. However shortly after his inquiry he congenially handed me a banana. Manifestation complete.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on

So that interior conversation that was happening was what I wanted to bring some more attention to. I definitely see this as a win. However it is a win with some interesting asterisks. *The first being the most obvious. I went and bought bananas and put them in a place where I knew I would have the opportunity to straight up ask for a banana to be handed to me. However, I had the thought, I listened to it, followed through with and didn’t fight my mind when it gave suggestions, and through a series of actions in direct response to the ‘seed’ thought “I am handed a banana” I was able to have my thought come into fruition…pun intended.

*Second the mind is going to take the path of least resistance. Why have a banana passed to me from a disembodied hand floating in a puffy cloud when it could be handed to me from a full bodied human and a family member at that.

*Third is that, and this is a definite recurring theme in books about thought and the part it plays in creation, thought isn’t everything. There must be accompanying action. The Seventh day rolled around and I started having anxious thoughts about this experiment. My mind offered up responses to this. I took action and followed through on a series of thoughts which lead to the cultivation of a situation that lead to a banana being handed to me.

I did take the ultimate action: I asked for it. I asked in a very specific way. That’s the biggest impact this experiment had on me. Asking, specifically, for what I wanted was challenged by a part of me that felt entitled to the outcome and deathly afraid of rejection. Yet all I had to do was ask, and it was given.

More to come for sure and more experimentation aplenty.

You try on the Baudoin ’10 day’ Technique. What will you ask for and repeat to yourself as a lullaby?

Here you can find the Podcast episode mentioned in this post.

The Story Of Gallano. Episode 3.


On this Episode of The Story of Gallano:

Gallano must find a way to even the odds against the Felinian. The Baoths diversify in their cloning experimentation and one such is introduced..with the ability to at the very least, keep things toasty. Weak links are discussed and an ever present threat becomes much more.. immediate…


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-thank you for listening!

Chapter 6 of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Mr. Murphy Talks Techniques.


Practical Techniques in Mental Healings


This episode walks us through chapter six where we break down several techniques that Mr. Murphy has laid before us.  Included:

-The visualization technique

-The mental movie method

-the (10 day) Baudoin technique 

and more…!

This episode gets interesting because it is by and large a recommendation chapter and more of a how to. Still presented in a conversational tone, however Mr. Murphy starts to ask us specifically to focus in and do the thinking to bring about your life’s dream living. There are some interesting stories in the chapter including a prescription for ridding oneself of unwanted attention as well as a story of Dr. Quimby who had a very specific way of utilizing a mental courtroom to bring healing to people for 20 years from 1849-1869..for 20 years!

This information only fuels the mysterious fire that is the endlessly enjoyable exploration of consciousness, the mind and what exactly, or really just more clear than it is now because now it’s not as clear as it could be, we are made of as well as how could we as humans aspire to move forward and upward? Would playing out scenarios in our imaginations truly inform our waking experienced exterior reality? While feeling the feeling of already having attained what we are visualizing? How many times have we read and heard of athletes use of visualization? Why not visualize and feel having gotten that email? Taking that flight back from a wonderful vacation? Or simply a relaxed commute?

What would happen if you applied the mental movie method? The decree method? The Baudoin technique?  Join me cause I’m doin it. Find out how I am dipping my toes into the fruitful waters of the subconscious mind! 

Imagine tapping into the power of your subconscious mind, instigated in part because you were hangin with Mist3rDouglas. 

Chapter 5 of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind


Healing in modern times…modern for Mr. Murphy 1963 style. Still applicable, still fascinating. Yet more information to soak your mind in to allow that special seepage down into your subconscious to prime your self for better thinking, better living. Mist3rDouglas.yeah.

The mental scientist,

“believe you have received and you shall receive”

Prayer Therapy

Just one more than a couple of the topics Mr. Murphy throws our way to wake us up into the power of our subconscious mind.

 As we move into chapter 5 and beyond, tell me what kind of synchronicities have begun to show themselves in your life? How are you utilizing the power of your subconscious mind? 

Psycho-cybernetics…that book I mentioned in the podcast..with the quote…it’s cool check it out.

Maxwell Maltz was a pretty insightful dude. He started as a plastic surgeon and witnessed some interesting and persistent outcomes post surgery in peoples lives. He noticed that patients would come in complaining about how this mole or that scar was inhibiting them from living their fullest life, and if they just had it removed their problems would be solved.

picture from pixbay

-Get outa here you unsightly Mole-

So when the surgery was finished and the healing complete, and no scar or mole or goiter or cyst or funky birth mark or ‘beauty spot’ that really just looks like smudged ‘hot chocolate’ I had one on my face growing up and my grandpa always tried to clean it off…anyway, when whatever it was that the patient had come in distressing over was removed, some people truly went on to live a happy life, but some people were still, deeply, unhappy. The root therefore could not have been the perceived physical blemish but something deeper, non physical and built into the perception of self.

He then set out to discover and solve issues that plague more people’s selves every day in our ever complexifying world. How would you like to recalibrate and optimize the ‘self image’, recognize the success mechanism built within you and how to get out of its way, remove emotional scars and wake up your true personality among much more?

Imagine waking up confident. feeling light and motivated and maintaining that sense throughout the day. The insights brought by Maxwell Maltz in Psycho-Cybernetics can lead you to shifts in the mind that are profound and positive. The book resonates deeply with the information in Joseph Murphy’s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, The Kybalion, the works of Neville Goddard, Joe Dispenza, Tony Robins, and the list goes on. It is definitely worth a read if you are in the process of filling your mind with the finer more productive, positive and empowering thoughts we can cary with us and build solid foundations on… It’s better than the alternative.

The quote was : “the doctor dresses the wound, nature heals it”- Joseph Murphy-Maxwell Maltz- a lot of other smart people I am sure.

The meaning behind the quote is that the power of the universe resides within us. The power of healing, the power of creation, of turning thoughts into things resides within us all already. We just have to get out of our own way and ride our own natural rhythm.

I am not a doctor. I am someone who enjoys discovering and diving into the sources of this seemingly perennial wisdom. A wisdom that travels with humanity through the ages, and pops up in many different forms in one way or another on a pretty constant basis.

This is definitely one of those sources.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind…its…its pretty powerful.

Joseph Murphy knew what was up.

This guy, who ended up blazing a trail in the new thought movement and beyond, started as a jesuit, witnessed a miraculous healing and asked the jesuits about it and they said “wedunno” so Mr. Murphy peaced out to India, learned up under a guru, came to the States and started a Christian Science church that was simply geared to, like the title says above, the Power of your Subconscious Mind. The book itself was written in the 1960s.

While yes I admit the subject matter seems to steam of fresh laid new age bull plop, his words, his approach to approaching thought, the machinations of our minds and just how much more empowered you will feel when engaging with this material are some of the reasons it still resonates today.

More recently Val Kilmer wrote about utilizing similar practices to power through his recovery of throat cancer, among other fascinating adventures and escapades, in his new book ‘I’m Your Huckleberry‘. I think we could make a strong argument that tapping into this universal power is not straight forward and would put Mr. Kilmer well beyond Batman status….see what I did there?

The information, the story of Joseph Murphy, the straight forward invigorating language used within the book and the fact that the cowboy, jet flying, caped crusader attests to its reality, as well as many magickal synchronicities pertaining to this kind of mental mastery material in my life, propelled me to narrate and commentate the book via my podcast.

It all falls right in line with what I am compelled to discover, enjoy, screw up with and then come back and tell you all about. Enjoy and let me know what, and how, you may be utilizing the power of your subconscious mind. Click the pic to crack open your mind.

Good Vibrations

My podcast is up!

The purpose of me coming in through clear via ear ways is to provide my preferred way of sensory stimulation an outlet of story telling and discussion. Currently there are two tracks of progression for the podcast. I’ll be narrating and commentating on Joseph Murphy’s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind to explore just what we can do when we focus our intent. First familiarize ourselves with the material and then put it into practice. One could argue I’m already practicing. Ok I’ll argue it but to explore further with you riding right along with me will be all the more an enjoyable journey.

The second is The Story of Gallano. An audio soaking of a story where we follow Gallano, an Alien Gray. There’s something different about this one. When he gets abandoned on earth he’s got to use everything within him, both known and unknown, to solve this intergalactic conundrum. Click the comic listen Below!

Wheeeere is My Mind?

I don’t know about you but when I think about where my ‘mind’ is, where I feel when I’m thinking, I ‘feel’ it in my head. In my brain. Funny because the brain has no sense of touch or feeling itself. If you’ve ever seen the movie Hannibal, you know, with that one scene, where Anthony Hopkins is just chillin and serving up a twist on the term brain food to Ray Liotta… No feeling. For those that don’t understand the reference. Regardless of where I might sense the center of thought, for me the brain/head area, for others perhaps it’s the elbows, the brain has no feeling in and of itself. You could cut right into it and you’d never know. In fact quite recently a violinist who was having brain surgery insisted on staying awake to play the violin to ensure the surgery would not impair her skill.

Kinda gruesome way to start a conversation I’m aware. It begs the question however, “Where is my mind“?

The mind isn’t stuck in the brain per se. The mind may indeed be its own thing apart from the brain and not a bi product of pumped out chemicals stimulated by shitty traffic five days a Week. In fact, and one of the main reasons for this post, some officially sciencey scientists are doing a deep dive into this, as reported by Olivia Goodhill in a piece published in Quartz in 2016.

Aaaand because there is a paywall, while I am in full support of Quartz and their well crafted content, here is an article about the same article that doesn’t have a paywall.

This article, by Daniel Esparza in 2017 writes that along with a group of neuroscientists, sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists, Professor Siegel, professor of psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine, states that the mind is being considered now as more of an epiphenomenon of brain activity. The mind, your mind, is something above brain function. The mind seems to be more like a relational process. In my own words, an ebbing and flowing, a push and pull an attraction and repulsion. A giving and receiving. What I wanted to share from the article was this portion:

the most interesting thing about this definition is that it extends the mind to dimensions that go beyond our own immediate physical being. Siegel explains that it is something similar to what happens when we try to define what the shoreline is: “I realized if someone asked me to define the shoreline but insisted, is it the water or the sand, I would have to say the shore is both sand and sea (…) You can’t limit our understanding of the coastline to insist it’s one or the other. I started thinking, maybe the mind is like the coastline—some inner and inter process.”“-From the Article Scientists discover that your mind is not confined to your brain (or your body) The bolds are mine.

So instead of the mind, your mind, being locked up in a bone box (a doom box?..) your mind is a pulsation of information and vibration. At least that’s another way to describe a ‘relational process’. The major point is that your mind isn’t locked up and it isn’t some chemical spill over effect making me want to mate every Thursday-Saturday night…and sometimes Sunday through Wednesday as well…the mind is ‘something’ else. The mind is a conversation. The implications of a mind unbound are that Astral travel and remote viewing are far more graspable as is just about all psycho and telekinetic activity. Monks drying soaked wet strips of cloth atop the frigid Himalayas, dudes invoking dieties, overpowering a taser and fleeing the law with nothing but their focused minds, contact and communication with any kind of cryptid I mean the list …goes on. It certainly leans on near death experiences and the assertion that some piece of us continues to our next level post flesh bag play through. What catches fire quickest in my mind is the potential of the impact of the thoughts our mind concerns itself with. Or we tell it to concern itself with. If the mind is a conversation, what kind of conversation do I want to have? How powerful can my conversations be and what kind of wonderful, happy, strange surprises can they lead to? Last but not least, a conversation with whom? That one is a doozy.

If the mind is unbound, if the mind is something more than my own internal jibber jabber, what does that mean for you and me? If we are family/friends when we say hello are our minds reacquainting as well? I picture painted spirits painting and swirling, creating their own mini mental ecosystem only family/friends share. If we are adversaries, workmates, lovers, exes etc. do we fling gobs of creativity at each other like the lost boys over the dinner table in Hook?

Ancient civilizations referenced ancient civilizations that would talk about mastering the mind. The Alchemical awakening and transmutation of a mind unaware to a mind expanded, connected and whole. The axiom went something like All is mind. Master the mind and you master your universe.

So now science is loading yet another log onto the fire that we are far more than we give ourselves credit. Ancient people are rooting us on. I hear them, in my mind.

The topics of focus moving forward will explore this deep, slightly funky but funky in an inviting kind of way, rabbit hole. What is this ‘mind conversation’ we are having? What can this conversation bring about? How best to have this conversation? Can the conversation include jokes? It’s fun, and what mind doesn’t like to think fun thoughts?