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My name is Douglas Thornton (mist3rdouglas) and I am a professional voice over artist, actor, audio producer, writer, creator as well as Reiki Master certified in hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I am liberty minded, future focused and am thrilled about the potential of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Cardano especially.

The point of this blog and associated content: Run around in the dark and discover with me as we stumble upon glow sticks of wisdom and wonder. Through story telling, youtube streaming, book reviewing, tactic enacting and more, we’ll even have fun along the way. Take a look and listen to my projects and podcast page for my most recent run arounds.

If you are interested in working with me, interviewing me or having me as a guest on your show, you can find me @mist3rdouglas on twitter or correspond via email with mist3rdouglas@gmail.com


Ingo Swann Secrets of Power Volume One: Chapters 2 and 3


This episode we get into Chapter 2:

– Two Major Concepts of Power

Societal Artifices and structures of power

-The Essential and “Authoritarian” definitions of Power

 and Chapter 3:

-The Hidden Status Quo Relationship Between The powerless and The Powerful

The disparity between the powerless and the powerful

The needed relationship between the powerful and powerless

…and more!

Items to be considered:

Chapter 2: Observe distinctions between individual and societal powers

Chapter 3: Does our species naturally produce gobs of powerless individuals?


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Music: Hopscotch

Soul Shifters


Ingo Swanns Secrets of Power Volume One. Introduction and Chapter One.




The first toe dipped as an initiation into a deep dive down into Ingo Swann’s research and break down of Power. Societal, Individual and the implications of both.


The subtitle of Volume One: Individual Empowerment VS The societal Panorama of Power and Depowerment


A conversation to widen the spectrum of awareness concerning power. What we’ve got, what’s imposed, what’s artificial, what’s helpful, what’s…not so much.


More awareness means more information available, means more knowledge discerned from the info, means more choices available from the knowledge discerned.

Let’s grow in awareness and in turn grow in power.


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Music: Hopscotch

Soul Shifters



The Story of Gallano Episode 07




It’s gettin intense now. Gallano and Sox meet up with a Felinian outpost. Gallano is hunted by both sides openly. Everyone suites up to fight off the waves of grays but not everyone makes it… Enjoy the action packed episode as we continue on The Story of Gallano…


This whole story has been a fun experiment to attempt to play with the ideas that appear in Alien/ultra terrestrial/ufo/uap info.


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Show notes: 

Music Credits:

Retro City by Cody Martin

Mission Objecticve by WIcked Cinema

Fallout by Wicked Cinema

Reactor by Wicked Cinema

The Story of Gallano. Episode Six



Episode Six (really episode 7 if we are counting the introduction…Not that it’s a big deal) brings us back from the brink of episode Five where Major Nord makes a major decision, Gallano loses one friend and levels up. All this and more in…

The Story of Gallano


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Oh also check out this sweet new cover I whipped up for “The Fall of the KT-PRIME” episode:







Back in action with part TWO of our engagement with Ingo Swan’s “Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP”


And here we get to the nitty gritty:


In this episode we discuss specifically the simple how to of dipping your toes into the remote viewing pool.

Remember: it’s not about actively focusing on the information you are looking to observe. It is more about getting out of your own way and spotting the information already flowing up from your psychic core. You are ALREADY psychic. Now it’s time for gentle attention to be paid to the system ALREADY constantly working within you, presenting the information desired to be observed.




-Paper and writing utensil. Chill spot to chill in. 15- 20 minutes.


1. relax, close your eyes if can. Chill.

2. ask to view/perceive mist3rDouglas’s remote viewing image

3. let your hand doodle down what comes to you

4. get that feedback (for quick feedback DM me on twitter @mist3rdouglas)


I’ll have a new one every two Weeks to start out. I’ll post the answer to the previous round when the new image comes out.


Link to the Russel Targ App ESP Trainer

and here are some of the images from the book referenced in the episode:


If this one isn’t a pretty solid hit I don’t know what is. The target was a drawing of a cat. The response was of a cats face…or a crude drawing of an actor from the recent movie cats..which from the commercials and commentary looks frightening..so yeah also a hit.



Love this one. Target was a tennis ball. Response looks like a tennis ball in motion to me. A correct aspect of the target involved for sure.



Definitely viewing most of the components in this one. Looks like the segments didn’t coalesce is all.


I apologize for the portrait positioned pictures..


The book is solid and Ingos writing is very digestible and his information is well sourced. 


Perhaps this is a path revealed for you to take into a more magickal world. Perhaps it’s another bunch of bricks familiar for your feet on their own fantastical journey. Perhaps it’s yet another whisper among many. Perhaps it’s the only one. No matter, you are here, now. I think that’s awesome. Welcome! Your wild, weird, wonderful future is that much closer to your experienced now.

and hey, Happy New Year!


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Ingo Swann and ”Everybody‘s Guide to Natural ESP” Part 1




Hello everyone and her we go!

It’s been a bit and I’m so thankful to be back.

In this episode we do a bit of updates as my audio work has turned full time! A brief talk on crypto and then we begin to deep dive into Ingo Swann and his book “Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP. Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind” 

– Some story time on Ingo with another one of his books “Penetration”

-His break down of how the mind is put together in correlation to our ESP core

– How the mind gets in the way of our ESP core and its attempts to provide information

-How picture drawing can bypass the hurdles our ESP core has to hop over

…and much more!


Stretchin the edge of our mind is what I’m all about. Ingo is a gold mine and I’m looking forward to sharing and spreading these riches with you.


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Show notes:


Ingo Swann Wikipedia 

Estate of Ingo Swann Twitter

Ingo’s Book List


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We’re Back with a New Episode! Mist3rDouglas Dives into the work of Ingo Swann and his book “Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP”

Together we shall begin to continue “Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of your Mind”

This picture makes way more sense after you listen to the episode. Promise.

We’re all psychic. The dude who helped shape and form what ultimately became the US government program for psychic spies, says so and he would know. Ingo Swann has put together quite the pile of research, how to’s and story times of his life long adventures in awakening and utilizing his innate psychic ability.

In this episode I go through a little story time from his book “Penetration” which I highly recommend you read or listen to.

The big overview here is Ingo Swann, a professional and highly disciplined psychic/remote viewer, researcher, artist and teacher, has provided a wonderful reference to engage with and grow in competency, our latent psychic talent. This engagement will inevitably bring us to engage with other phenomena in what is considered to be more para or meta-normal experience.

In his book “Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP” Ingo Swann *ring* lays out his experience in coming to confirm that he, and after extensive research, we all, are in fact in possession of a latent psychic ability or in his words an “ESP core”. We all already have one fully put together and ready to work. The ‘Work’ for us, is to get out of its way.

The display below, from the book, is Ingo’s own drawing on how to visualize the human minds make up, the process the ESP core goes through and obstacles in the way of it communicating effectively to our waking mind.

“The incoming psychic information, traveling through its preconscious processing area, where it probably gathers its general form, also must pass through a creativity process that allows the individual to participate with it in a creative sense. It is probably at this level of interaction that the psychic information acquires a good deal of its “noise”. The creativity channels are closely connected to a multitude of analytical though processes, the emotions of the individual, and the visionary elements of his or her dreams, preoccupations, and education. If the psychic information pops up through these multifarious channels, it is easy to see how it can become impeded with other random mind elements.” – Ingo Swann pg 67 Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP (emphasis mine)

The book which we shall continue to go through and utilize, does a wonderful job introducing us to our own psychic center, discussing why it can seem so difficult to reliably access this center and how throughout modern history of psychical and parapsychological research, picture drawings universally provide a competent avenue for ESP core engagement and growth. Specifically that A) picture drawings help provide a clear channel for the ESP core to communicate through and B) provide solid feedback when examining your own ESP core communication training process.

So what are picture drawing sessions? Basically a person is asked to mentally view and then doodle a picture deliberately drawn and placed out of perception of their basic or regular senses. To view the picture remotely. To remote view.

Two picture drawing sessions.
Two more picture drawing sessions
One more picture drawing session. This one is from Ingo. He’s got skillz.

This book is chock full of examples like these ranging back to the late 1800s!

So Ingo has put together for us a great entry point to engage with and get better at allowing our psychic center, our ESP core, to work with and through us.

In the podcast I discuss how this ESP core description resonates with some other descriptions and avenues to engage with this portion of ourselves a la communing with our HGA in ceremonial magick, talking to our spirit guides, the guardian angel of christianity, the higher self, the oversoul the list goes on.

As stated before and throughout this book, the work for us doesn’t seem to be an effortful carving and molding of some aspect of ourselves but is better described as an attuning with and communing with the preconscious portion of ourselves. Becoming familiar with and gently floating in this ocean of information that is always engaging with us.

Practicing this will move humanity forward and upward in a way desirable for humanity as a whole. And in the meantime awakens each individual engaging with themselves in this way a little bit more, stretching the boundaries of the unknown back a bit further.

Check out the Podcast here and hey,

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The Story of Gallano Prequel: Fall of the KT Prime



A special treat for fans of the world of the “Story of Gallano”. A peak into Socks past, her mission, and how she came to Earth.  This is what might be being reviewed in her current altered state….whoo you gotta listen to the whole show now.

At less than Five minutes long its a shorty but a goodie. This particular piece had the privilege of the work of Jacob McNatt.

Not only as Composer of the soundtrack of this chapter but also as the voice of Tygerius. 

Enjoy and as always hey,


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Jacob McNatt website



Two Techniques and a Mantra. On Beginning again, starting now and being ready to be ready.



Welcome back and welcome with warmth and wonder. 

In this episode I talk about two techniques I’ve implemented for my morning routine to tip the scales in my favor for the rest of the day. 

Beginning is constantly happening. We are always beginning again and as humans with our (as far as we know) unique awareness abilities, can begin again and be better at beginning than the last beginning we began. Because of this we can lean into ourselves as much or as little as we’d like to live in a way looking out for and toward experiences we want to surround ourselves with. 

Technique Numero Uno is broken down thusly:

-11 minute timed session in bed upon waking.

Alpha Binaural Beat Youtube Video (10 minutes or more) 

-Ask yourself the question: What does it feel like to be my best/ideal self?

-Play with this question. Feel the feeling the answers give you. Consciously amplify and deepen this feeling/feelings until the timer ends. Play with it!


11 minutes because I like adding an extra minute to increase the odds of a strong 10 minute session. It’s also a powerful number. Double Ones baby. That’s just fun to say.


Alpha binaural beats because this is the brainwave state (the alpha state) we settle into when we are in a light trance. Body asleep Mind awake type situation. Mild yet potent enough to allow a more direct slip n slide trajectory deeper into our subconscious mind. 


While there is no such thing as an ideal best self of all time throughout the universe because we are constantly changing and growing and in the process of becoming, individuating, processing and evolving, the question opens the mind up to the answers of that question. What would your ideal self be doing? My ideal self would be smiling back and a crowd that is clapping and appreciating me for my contribution. Now how does that feel? Play with that feeling for 11 minutes. 


This rehearsal of joy, for the purposes of my audio log and journey we are taking together, is to inform, program and press down on the positive side of the daily scale of lived experience. Thus lifting my awareness allowing me to notice events, moments and opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise be aware of since my perspective would have been different. As an added benefit it could also ward of anhedonia, the inability to feel joy, and keep those make your dreams real imaginal muscles more potent and flexy. 


Technique Numero Dos deals with a mantra I made and used an alarm for a little over two years earlier in my life from an Abraham Hicks talk I stumbled upon one fateful Civ 5 playthrough with youtube on in the background. 

Being Ready to be Ready is completely doable. It’s not asking me to be chipper, not asking me to smile. I’m not being held hostage by positive thinking in the slightest. Being ready to be ready to me means I am ready to be present for the moment and what it brings. It instills confidence in my that, since all that is real is the moment experienced at that moment in time, that’s all I need to be ready for. There is no use preplanning your positivity because those moments of joy, while careening toward you, are nothing of your concern until they are here, in the now, where you are ready for them. Ready to be ready. 


When I was dealing with a bout of depression this mantra molded my mindset in a way I will be forever grateful for. So I share it with you as a way to begin a day, a journey, a lifetime of being simply, ready to be ready.


Try it on you might like it. If you don’t I’d be happy to provide store credit. 


Links to the article and youtube video (once its posted there..heh..) below.


Enjoy the Hicks Remix!


and hey,


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Show Notes:


Thank you freesound.org and jjbbllkk for Those Xylophone sounds

Rehearse Your Joy. from Forge on Medium. Thank you Ashley Abramson

Abraham Hicks talk on being Ready to be Ready. Thank you Abraham Hicks.




A Chapter Review and Commentary from the Audiobook “Somewhere In The Skies A Human Approach to The UFO Phenomenon” Written By Ryan Sprague




Welcome to 2021 wonderful beings in this human experience! We are back and with an extra terrestrial/ interdimensional (ultra-dimensional?) treat this episode. 

I recently was fortunate enough to be chosen to narrate a fantastic, comprehensive, investigative book “Somewhere In The Skies A Human Approach to The UFO Phenomenon” Written by Ryan Sprague

If you enjoy the fringe, this book and its varying accounts of contact and experience are right up your alley. 


So much was it for me that I had to bring a sample to you, with my commentary interspersed throughout. 


I bring this fun exploration with the premise that, as discussed in the last episode, Magick is always working. There are infinite ways to allow the pipes of magick to pump more powerfully through your present experience. One way is to purposefully expose yourself to reality expanding stories and concepts. A true story is here for you to expose and expand yourself into, in all its wonder and careful curation. 


Within this sparkling anomaly in the night sky of an episode we get into:

-Strange night time lights, shapes and sounds

-Two people seeing the same object but having vastly different internal experiences at the same time.

-A family deeply affected by ongoing encounters

-What the grays could be

-How consciously choosing a mindset absolutely informs our interaction with the fringe and the rest of our lives.

-My recent success with manifesting voice work

…and more!


If you are interested in grabbing a listen to the whole book click here for the audible page.

Mr. Sprague has a podcast with the same title that is a wonderful rabbit hole. Check it out.


And hey,


Thanks for hangin.


Show notes:

Ryan Sprague Author Page

Brothers of The Serpent Podcast mentioned in the show. Find them wherever you consume your podcasts

Thank you for the music:

elaineaeris For the closing credit song and inbetweeners

symphoid For the Chapter intro

Cover Art: Original By Iforce 

Books and Authors:

Karla Turner

Raymond Fowler and The Watchers I and II


The Wealth Success Affirmation Meditation Mantras Fun and Regular with Ocean Sounds

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