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The point of this blog and associated content: Run around in the dark and discover with me as we stumble upon glow sticks of wisdom and wonder. Through story telling, youtube streaming, book reviewing, tactic enacting and more, we’ll even have fun along the way. Take a look and listen to my projects and podcast page for my most recent run arounds.

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Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol One: Chapters 18 and 19.



Happy New Year and Beyond to all cultivators of power and empowerment!


Chapter 18 entitled Closed – Loop Versions of Power

Brings more familiarity to words like vicissitudes (which I may or may not have pronounced vicidditudes..oof) in 

-Vicissitudes of Power and Empowerment

-Staying Power

– closed loop frames of reference

-a reminder that societal power structures are merely constructs and applications of power but not representative of power itself.

and much more!


Items to explore for Chapter 18:

Identify at least five societal power structures that have closed loop frames of reference.


In Chapter 19: Power – Intelligence- and Smarts:

Ingo guides us through ideas like

-how only one side of power is ever discussed

-Power has at least two sides

-Transcending socially conditioned concepts of power

-Some actions attract power and some repel it!


– Three transcendental empowering factors.

and more!


Chapter 19’s item to fool around with:

In a power games kind of way, consider which of the eight kinds of power could transcend others.


Happy New year and so long 2022!


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Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol One: Chapters 16 and 17




Our Empowerment senses strengthen even more with Chapter 16 and 17!


This is directly addressed in Chapter 16: On Having A Sense of Power

-The term ‘sense’ with regard to power and empowerment

– Frames of reference

all that these topics entail and more!


An Item to Imagine from Chapter 16:

Imagine at least ten frames of reference that induce a sense of powerlessness. List these on paper and consider how they fit together to implode a sense of power.


Chapter 17: Personal Power V.S. Local Circumstances and Frames of Reference

A deeper dive into

-Frames of reference

-Constructing and deconstructing frames of reference

-Basic premises and frames of reference

All this and more!


Items to Meditate Upon for Chapter 17:

Conceptualize four elements of power that are more universal than merely local.


Yes! Thanks for hangin and more power to youuu! And Happy Holidays Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa the best of the end of year vibes to you as well.

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Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol One: Chapters 14 and 15.


I especially enjoyed these two chapters.


Ingo gets a little serious and I take the edge off with mock olde world engish psa style deliveries. Will it help, I don’t know, but what I do know is that Ingo Swann is droppin bombs of knowledge with this installment.


We go forth into chapter 14: Power Energies Magnified vis a vis Those Who Don’t Have Power


Within we explore:

– Why those who seemingly don’t have power should be observed

-Why the turn of phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ can be described as annoying and unnecessary in certain light

-How its tough to see our own flaws

-Power Potentials and some definitions layered in

And more!


Chapter 14s Observations to Attempt:

Observe a selection of the “powerless” and attempt to sense what accounts for their condition and what potentials have been de-energized.


After a short break we break right into Chapter 15: You- And Your Power

Some of the main course includes

-The Uselessness of the Sweetness-and-light Empowerment Recipes 

-The life fore equals power and Empowerment

-The loss of the life force idea

-Some thought experiments and an inspiring and personal story from Ingo at the close of the chapter.


Chapter 15 has this Exercise to Consider:

Make your own List (from the story at the end of the chapter) of ten, including what happened because of them.


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa and beyondzaa

and as always,

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Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol One: Chapters 12 and 13.





Further into the Weeds of Power with Chapters 12 and 13!


In Chapter 12 titled The Ongoing Dichotomy of Individual and Societal Power the subject matter surrounds:

-Societal Power vs Individual Power

-It’s a Trinity not a Dichotomy (really)

-The existence of Intrinsic Human Powers

and more!


Item For Field Research from chapter 12:

Interview at least 5 people with regard to what they think about power, empowerment, and depowerment. (process clue: For best results: Get them to respect you first)



Chapter 13 Discusses Indigenous Depowerment and Personal Empowerment:

-Talking to people about it

-A hidden map of applied depowerment


-Further discussion on the prefixes DE and EM/EN


-All humans are carriers of power

and more!


Chapter 13 Items to Deduce:

Discover at least three important species wide powers which must be depowered in order to reduce the populations pool of competitors


as always more power to you

and thanks for hangin.


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Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol One: Chapters 10 and 11.




Double digits now.

Within chapter 10 we discuss and explore:

Empowerment and Depowerment V.S. Power Games:

-Power games vs No-Power games

-An exploration of the history of the definition of the word Game

-Power Games with regard to Depowerment

and more!

Chapter 10 Items to Imagine:

Imagine/design six methods or more to depower your power opponents 


In Chapter 11:

-Rules for power deployed within powerdom

-Power components as changeable/malleable

-The nature of “rules”

-Deployment of “rules” for power

-The concept of ‘Power (rules)-making’

and more!

Items to Explore for chapter 11:

In stealthy and silent ways, try to notice those who try to set up rules for power over others, but which rules do NOT apply to themselves….


And as always,

Thanks for hangin.

More power to you!


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Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol One: Chapters 8 and 9.




Breakin down that pyramidal power structure one block at a time!


This episode we explore chapters 8 and 9:


Chapter 8 brings into ever more focus The Traditional Power Pyramid:

-social conditioning on behalf of a pyramidal power structure

-the multiplicity of power structures within a power structure

-power with regard to meaningful areas of activity

..and more!

An exercise to imagine:

Outline Five or more processes that defeat Empowerment and enhance Depowerment…


Chapter 9 Explores Four generic kinds of Individual and societal Power:

-An obscured problem that can defeat power

-Frames of reference regarding what power is thought to consist of

-Intellectualisms mistaken as different kinds of power

-Generic kinds of power

and lots more!

Exercises to expand awareness of the four kinds of generic powers:

Make a stealthy list of people who seem to fall within each of the four kinds of generic powers


Expansion of awareness can be fun! 

Hey thanks for hangin

and more power to you!


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Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol One: Chapters 6 and 7.



Gettin into it now! It’s chapter 6 and 7 time.


Within this episode we go over:

Chapter 6: Societal Power vs The Absence of Power Schools

-Societal techniques aimed at preventing wide spread empowerment

-Modern Knowledge bypassing in depth info on Power

-The Absence of the Science of Powerology

-Philosophy buggin out when it comes to power

-What has happened when, in modern times, Power studies and empowerment opportunities pop up

Items to Investigate for Chapter 6:

Try to locate a power school open to the public that is ENDORSED and FUNDED by a MAINSTREAM power structure…


Chapter 7: The Web of Secrets Preventing Access to Empowerment

-The concept of a web

-The close linkage of secrecy and power

-Depriving the masses of Power Knowledge

-The major structure of depowerment

-Depowerment best practices

-The absence of studies regarding the nature and scope of human AWARENESS &

the absence of studies regarding Intuition, Telepathy and Foresight

-Perpetuating a state of UNknowing regarding empowerment

Items to contemplate from chapter 7:

No power schools

No encyclopedias of human powers and abilities

No studies regarding the nature of awareness

No PRODUCTIVE studies regarding intuition, telepathy and foresight **For this one though I must add that at the very least Dean Raidin and his work fits here. While not common knowledge it’s pretty productive. His book Real Magic is quite good**

All this and more!

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More power to you.




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A Little Laughter Goes A Long Way

The world gets wackier by the day. It’s difficult to keep the mind calm and our vision steady. I find a little laughter can help recalibrate ourselves back to a baseline more beneficial to seize the moment, take a break and remind our body to breathe deep. To that end I wanted to share a video that had been passed around a little while ago from a French television show. The particular episode brought together several people with the most ‘interesting’ kinds of laughs. While watching and listening, at points in disbelief, I could not help but join in on the giggles. After the video finished I felt better than when it started.

The video is two minutes long and in my opinion it’s two minutes well spent. The entirety of the video is in French and I think that makes it even more effective if, like me, you don’t parle Français. Enjoy, laugh and may it bring some positive vibes into your experience.

The pictures behind them describe what their laughs sound like. Pure Gold.

Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Volume One: Chapters 4 and 5.



Continuing to climb the Power Pyramid  this episode we go through

Chapter 4:

– Distinctions between Sources and Manifestations of Power

-Our species erecting power structures

– Our species Endowed with Power

*Questions to Consider for Chapter 4:

What Powers do societal power structures work to contain, control or suppress?

Chapter 5:

-Power structure designs

-The great antiquity of power machinations and problems

-The nature of secrecy

*Empowerment items to Identify:

Conceptualize Five general areas of societal secrecy that would be necessary to perpetuate powerlessness among the powerless.

all this and more!

and hey,

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Show Closing :

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Ingo Swann Secrets of Power Volume One: Chapters 2 and 3


This episode we get into Chapter 2:

– Two Major Concepts of Power

Societal Artifices and structures of power

-The Essential and “Authoritarian” definitions of Power

 and Chapter 3:

-The Hidden Status Quo Relationship Between The powerless and The Powerful

The disparity between the powerless and the powerful

The needed relationship between the powerful and powerless

…and more!

Items to be considered:

Chapter 2: Observe distinctions between individual and societal powers

Chapter 3: Does our species naturally produce gobs of powerless individuals?


and hey,

Thanks for hangin.


Music: Hopscotch

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