Oh hey there.Do you like your mind? Do you want to like, and even enjoy your mind more?

Better thinking means better living.

“The All is Mind. The Universe is Mental.”

— The Kybalion.

What a load for an intro amiright?

Welcome! I’m Mist3rdouglas and this is where we hang. I guess… Really I am starting this blog and associated content to have a continuing conversation about how we think, what we think about and what that thinking does to the rest of us throughout our days. I don’t know about you but I am fascinated with being human, this whole experience of being alive and being able to think things from out of nowhere, into my imagination. And sometimes, if I’m really attentive about it, or as it could turn out to be un-attentive about it, these thoughts in my imagination become things with associated feelings, experiences, stuff and stories in my seemingly, primary experience of life living.

I won’t lie to you and tell you my life is a magic carpet ride. My life is not a magic carpet ride. I initially wanted to be an actor, **please, in your mind pronounce it as AkTOR with as much sarcastic enthusiasm as you’d like to enjoy** and went pretty hard when it came to studying, working and exposing myself to the various exercises, methods, crafts and skill sets that various artists employed. *its totally cool if you skip down, this is a lot of personal history qualifying me to you. you’re wonderful for even getting this far* Stanislavski and “acting as if” and “finding motivation and objective”, Strasburg and sense memory, Meisner and “getting out of your head and into the moment”. To those familiar, the ancillary but no less important vocal and movement training was incredibly impactful. Awakening awareness of the body and mind connection that no other profession has privy to.

I started early, taking acting and theater courses at summer camps as a little kid. Then focussing in with high school sleep away acting camp in upstate New York, Cathy you’re awesome and always will be. Then taking it seriously and freaking out the parents by almost getting into the acting program at NIDA in Sydney, Australia, I auditioned down under and everything. I was accepted and decided to attend The Theater School at DePaul University in Chicago Illinois. There I learned and was exposed to so many experiences spanning the spectrum and I wouldn’t change a single one. This solidified my desire to entertain and enliven the masses and I doubled down by spending a summer in Europe and studying abroad in the BADA program in Oxford England. Post College both in Chicago and Los Angeles I was rabidly studying Improv and completed the core training course at UCB LA. All throughout my education, it was my fascination with the ability to interface with my mind and body with directed thought and intention to produce a desired outcome, effect or response consistently, on a stage or on camera, or elsewhere just about, every time, that kept me interested.

Eventually the interest grew and I began looking into psychology, astrology, Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, yoga, the chakras, the practice of mental alchemy and hermeticism, the tarot, chaos magick among other “off the main street” if you get my drift, if you’re picking up what I’m laying down, and if you’ve ever seen the movie The Shadow with Alec Baldwin “the sun is shining” “but the ice is slippery” type of subjects. the list goes on and continues to grow.

The ability to stir such multifaceted perspectives and projections of corresponding personalities through so many wonderful pathways and in such a way as to purposefully share with others in what you are experiencing or what you are portraying the experience as was deepening in ways I will forever be grateful for and continue to mine the depths of benefit from to this day.

TLDR; I studied, practiced lots and went to college for it. I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting. I know about acting stuff.

But I am not a successful, monetarily speaking, actor.

I worked in both Chicago and Los Angeles for a total of a decades worth of time. The way its set up and the way I’m set up it’s simply something I don’t want any longer the way I have seen it to be. I still employ everything I learned as an actor in life however and that is the round about way to getting to the point of this blog and my continuing work in interfacing with the mind.

The whole point of this blog and associated content: Better thinking. Better living.

The various skills, tools and practices I learned as an actor, run parallel to several visualization practices and meditations spoken about by the likes of Maxwell Maltz, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jose Silva, Robert Monroe and Robert Bruce just to name a few. Not to mention how closely the work runs through more esoteric and magickal subjects such as hermeticism, ceremonial and chaos magick with invoking archetypes and inducing altered states of trance and suggestion through practice and repetition for expansion of perspective. Just to squeeze in one more association, NLP fits in with the reshaping of perspective via use of language and mental imagery. There are commonalities with Wilhelm Reich and his understanding of tension and build up of energy that actors employ to charge a scene and build chemistry between each other as well as the audience. All of these ideas, practices and modalities of thinking connect and have commonality. How best to better the process of thinking and thereby relating to the world of both your interior and exterior experiential reality. How can all of these tips and tricks that I found initially through actors training help build a better life inside and outside ourselves? Why am I even talking about this? Who am I?

Nobody special. I am a dude who learned how to play other dudes, and dudettes, in school, professionally as a craft. I’ve had the experience of working and relating the work to other subjects that have touched the human experience when wanting to be better at being human.

So who am I to talk about being a better human. there it is! And again nobody special! I have sustained more rejection in my 30 plus years of life both professionally and personally than most, simply because of my sustained attempt and acting professionally. And I would argue this for any actor/model/entertainer working on a gig by gig basis out there. Mad props yo! It’s built in to the lifestyle. You are getting rejected from projects and potential side jobs to pay the rent all of the time! You are rejected by potential employers, agents, rejected by casting directors and even other actors. All this rejection for a desire to share the process of baring your soul for a story.

To cope and even thrive in a life where your dreams are always on the horizon and always just out of reach, I began to employ and modify some of the tools and skills I learned as an actor, melding them with other avenues of mental massaging like affirmations, hypnotic sessions, guided meditations and visualizations to engage and manage my far from mainstream mind set wading through a very mainstream world. I have survived and am a very happy person. I am currently pursuing and enjoying work in the cannabis industry and am taking the time to coalesce all of this information, how its helped me and how it could help anyone who wanted to engage with it. It could help you.

As an example: When I was in high school my drama teacher Kathi G. explained to me while working on a monologue from Shakespeares’ Measure for Measure “what are you doing with your words when you say them to Isabel?” “I dunno I am sending them to her wanting them to affect her” “yes but how? that’s not descriptive or active at all. Why not use your words like tentacles and slowly wrap them around her, trapping her slowly and tightly” “use my words like tentacles to trap her. I like it.”

My teacher was way ahead of the game and had dropped some massive knowledge on a young mind. As it turns out there is a whole method of acting based on finding active, descriptive words to inform your lines and your character as you work. One of the many treasured tomes aiding with this practice is Actions The Actors’ Thesaurus By Marina Caldarone and Maggie Lloyd-Williams.

So as you can probably surmise by now, what happens when we can do this in daily life? Obviously I don’t mean wrapping mental tentacles around an unsuspecting victim, I suppose it depends on the circumstances, but I do mean actively using our minds when we interact with ourselves and each other like we would if we were characters pursuing an objective on stage and screen.

What would happen if the next time you spoke to someone, ordering your burger whether in person or through the drive through microphone you were specifically, continuously focussed on the thought of treasuring them, like literal gleaming treasure, or, while asking for that extra side of fries like I enjoy doing, your mind radiates the idea of enrichment and happy compliment, whatever that may mean to you, thats the fun of the acting exercise, you may find yourself imagining a shit eating grin, a pirates chest of doubloons and spewing gratitude to the drive through worker for being there, enjoying how the food smells, tastes and compliments the problem of your hunger like a familiar friend. Definitely a different mental pathway than hating the time it takes to sit in a car, running your gas out, waiting inconveniently for something that was supposed to be convenient.

So yeah. There it is. Welcome to the journey. It’s fun.

What can I do to think better, whatever that means for me, and in turn can I find results in better living, due to this more pointed, more engaged and active, this better thinking?

I think so. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it. Let’s find out together.


The Story of Gallano. Episode Six



Episode Six (really episode 7 if we are counting the introduction…Not that it’s a big deal) brings us back from the brink of episode Five where Major Nord makes a major decision, Gallano loses one friend and levels up. All this and more in…

The Story of Gallano


and hey,

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Oh also check out this sweet new cover I whipped up for “The Fall of the KT-PRIME” episode:







Back in action with part TWO of our engagement with Ingo Swan’s “Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP”


And here we get to the nitty gritty:


In this episode we discuss specifically the simple how to of dipping your toes into the remote viewing pool.

Remember: it’s not about actively focusing on the information you are looking to observe. It is more about getting out of your own way and spotting the information already flowing up from your psychic core. You are ALREADY psychic. Now it’s time for gentle attention to be paid to the system ALREADY constantly working within you, presenting the information desired to be observed.




-Paper and writing utensil. Chill spot to chill in. 15- 20 minutes.


1. relax, close your eyes if can. Chill.

2. ask to view/perceive mist3rDouglas’s remote viewing image

3. let your hand doodle down what comes to you

4. get that feedback (for quick feedback DM me on twitter @mist3rdouglas)


I’ll have a new one every two Weeks to start out. I’ll post the answer to the previous round when the new image comes out.


Link to the Russel Targ App ESP Trainer

and here are some of the images from the book referenced in the episode:


If this one isn’t a pretty solid hit I don’t know what is. The target was a drawing of a cat. The response was of a cats face…or a crude drawing of an actor from the recent movie cats..which from the commercials and commentary looks frightening..so yeah also a hit.



Love this one. Target was a tennis ball. Response looks like a tennis ball in motion to me. A correct aspect of the target involved for sure.



Definitely viewing most of the components in this one. Looks like the segments didn’t coalesce is all.


I apologize for the portrait positioned pictures..


The book is solid and Ingos writing is very digestible and his information is well sourced. 


Perhaps this is a path revealed for you to take into a more magickal world. Perhaps it’s another bunch of bricks familiar for your feet on their own fantastical journey. Perhaps it’s yet another whisper among many. Perhaps it’s the only one. No matter, you are here, now. I think that’s awesome. Welcome! Your wild, weird, wonderful future is that much closer to your experienced now.

and hey, Happy New Year!


Thanks for hangin.




Ingo Swann and ”Everybody‘s Guide to Natural ESP” Part 1




Hello everyone and her we go!

It’s been a bit and I’m so thankful to be back.

In this episode we do a bit of updates as my audio work has turned full time! A brief talk on crypto and then we begin to deep dive into Ingo Swann and his book “Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP. Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind” 

– Some story time on Ingo with another one of his books “Penetration”

-His break down of how the mind is put together in correlation to our ESP core

– How the mind gets in the way of our ESP core and its attempts to provide information

-How picture drawing can bypass the hurdles our ESP core has to hop over

…and much more!


Stretchin the edge of our mind is what I’m all about. Ingo is a gold mine and I’m looking forward to sharing and spreading these riches with you.


and hey,


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Show notes:


Ingo Swann Wikipedia 

Estate of Ingo Swann Twitter

Ingo’s Book List


Mist3rDouglas Merch




We’re Back with a New Episode! Mist3rDouglas Dives into the work of Ingo Swann and his book “Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP”

Together we shall begin to continue “Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of your Mind”

This picture makes way more sense after you listen to the episode. Promise.

We’re all psychic. The dude who helped shape and form what ultimately became the US government program for psychic spies, says so and he would know. Ingo Swann has put together quite the pile of research, how to’s and story times of his life long adventures in awakening and utilizing his innate psychic ability.

In this episode I go through a little story time from his book “Penetration” which I highly recommend you read or listen to.

The big overview here is Ingo Swann, a professional and highly disciplined psychic/remote viewer, researcher, artist and teacher, has provided a wonderful reference to engage with and grow in competency, our latent psychic talent. This engagement will inevitably bring us to engage with other phenomena in what is considered to be more para or meta-normal experience.

In his book “Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP” Ingo Swann *ring* lays out his experience in coming to confirm that he, and after extensive research, we all, are in fact in possession of a latent psychic ability or in his words an “ESP core”. We all already have one fully put together and ready to work. The ‘Work’ for us, is to get out of its way.

The display below, from the book, is Ingo’s own drawing on how to visualize the human minds make up, the process the ESP core goes through and obstacles in the way of it communicating effectively to our waking mind.

“The incoming psychic information, traveling through its preconscious processing area, where it probably gathers its general form, also must pass through a creativity process that allows the individual to participate with it in a creative sense. It is probably at this level of interaction that the psychic information acquires a good deal of its “noise”. The creativity channels are closely connected to a multitude of analytical though processes, the emotions of the individual, and the visionary elements of his or her dreams, preoccupations, and education. If the psychic information pops up through these multifarious channels, it is easy to see how it can become impeded with other random mind elements.” – Ingo Swann pg 67 Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP (emphasis mine)

The book which we shall continue to go through and utilize, does a wonderful job introducing us to our own psychic center, discussing why it can seem so difficult to reliably access this center and how throughout modern history of psychical and parapsychological research, picture drawings universally provide a competent avenue for ESP core engagement and growth. Specifically that A) picture drawings help provide a clear channel for the ESP core to communicate through and B) provide solid feedback when examining your own ESP core communication training process.

So what are picture drawing sessions? Basically a person is asked to mentally view and then doodle a picture deliberately drawn and placed out of perception of their basic or regular senses. To view the picture remotely. To remote view.

Two picture drawing sessions.
Two more picture drawing sessions
One more picture drawing session. This one is from Ingo. He’s got skillz.

This book is chock full of examples like these ranging back to the late 1800s!

So Ingo has put together for us a great entry point to engage with and get better at allowing our psychic center, our ESP core, to work with and through us.

In the podcast I discuss how this ESP core description resonates with some other descriptions and avenues to engage with this portion of ourselves a la communing with our HGA in ceremonial magick, talking to our spirit guides, the guardian angel of christianity, the higher self, the oversoul the list goes on.

As stated before and throughout this book, the work for us doesn’t seem to be an effortful carving and molding of some aspect of ourselves but is better described as an attuning with and communing with the preconscious portion of ourselves. Becoming familiar with and gently floating in this ocean of information that is always engaging with us.

Practicing this will move humanity forward and upward in a way desirable for humanity as a whole. And in the meantime awakens each individual engaging with themselves in this way a little bit more, stretching the boundaries of the unknown back a bit further.

Check out the Podcast here and hey,

Thanks for Hangin.

The Story of Gallano Prequel: Fall of the KT Prime



A special treat for fans of the world of the “Story of Gallano”. A peak into Socks past, her mission, and how she came to Earth.  This is what might be being reviewed in her current altered state….whoo you gotta listen to the whole show now.

At less than Five minutes long its a shorty but a goodie. This particular piece had the privilege of the work of Jacob McNatt.

Not only as Composer of the soundtrack of this chapter but also as the voice of Tygerius. 

Enjoy and as always hey,


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Jacob McNatt website



Two Techniques and a Mantra. On Beginning again, starting now and being ready to be ready.



Welcome back and welcome with warmth and wonder. 

In this episode I talk about two techniques I’ve implemented for my morning routine to tip the scales in my favor for the rest of the day. 

Beginning is constantly happening. We are always beginning again and as humans with our (as far as we know) unique awareness abilities, can begin again and be better at beginning than the last beginning we began. Because of this we can lean into ourselves as much or as little as we’d like to live in a way looking out for and toward experiences we want to surround ourselves with. 

Technique Numero Uno is broken down thusly:

-11 minute timed session in bed upon waking.

Alpha Binaural Beat Youtube Video (10 minutes or more) 

-Ask yourself the question: What does it feel like to be my best/ideal self?

-Play with this question. Feel the feeling the answers give you. Consciously amplify and deepen this feeling/feelings until the timer ends. Play with it!


11 minutes because I like adding an extra minute to increase the odds of a strong 10 minute session. It’s also a powerful number. Double Ones baby. That’s just fun to say.


Alpha binaural beats because this is the brainwave state (the alpha state) we settle into when we are in a light trance. Body asleep Mind awake type situation. Mild yet potent enough to allow a more direct slip n slide trajectory deeper into our subconscious mind. 


While there is no such thing as an ideal best self of all time throughout the universe because we are constantly changing and growing and in the process of becoming, individuating, processing and evolving, the question opens the mind up to the answers of that question. What would your ideal self be doing? My ideal self would be smiling back and a crowd that is clapping and appreciating me for my contribution. Now how does that feel? Play with that feeling for 11 minutes. 


This rehearsal of joy, for the purposes of my audio log and journey we are taking together, is to inform, program and press down on the positive side of the daily scale of lived experience. Thus lifting my awareness allowing me to notice events, moments and opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise be aware of since my perspective would have been different. As an added benefit it could also ward of anhedonia, the inability to feel joy, and keep those make your dreams real imaginal muscles more potent and flexy. 


Technique Numero Dos deals with a mantra I made and used an alarm for a little over two years earlier in my life from an Abraham Hicks talk I stumbled upon one fateful Civ 5 playthrough with youtube on in the background. 

Being Ready to be Ready is completely doable. It’s not asking me to be chipper, not asking me to smile. I’m not being held hostage by positive thinking in the slightest. Being ready to be ready to me means I am ready to be present for the moment and what it brings. It instills confidence in my that, since all that is real is the moment experienced at that moment in time, that’s all I need to be ready for. There is no use preplanning your positivity because those moments of joy, while careening toward you, are nothing of your concern until they are here, in the now, where you are ready for them. Ready to be ready. 


When I was dealing with a bout of depression this mantra molded my mindset in a way I will be forever grateful for. So I share it with you as a way to begin a day, a journey, a lifetime of being simply, ready to be ready.


Try it on you might like it. If you don’t I’d be happy to provide store credit. 


Links to the article and youtube video (once its posted there..heh..) below.


Enjoy the Hicks Remix!


and hey,


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Show Notes:


Thank you freesound.org and jjbbllkk for Those Xylophone sounds

Rehearse Your Joy. from Forge on Medium. Thank you Ashley Abramson

Abraham Hicks talk on being Ready to be Ready. Thank you Abraham Hicks.




A Chapter Review and Commentary from the Audiobook “Somewhere In The Skies A Human Approach to The UFO Phenomenon” Written By Ryan Sprague




Welcome to 2021 wonderful beings in this human experience! We are back and with an extra terrestrial/ interdimensional (ultra-dimensional?) treat this episode. 

I recently was fortunate enough to be chosen to narrate a fantastic, comprehensive, investigative book “Somewhere In The Skies A Human Approach to The UFO Phenomenon” Written by Ryan Sprague

If you enjoy the fringe, this book and its varying accounts of contact and experience are right up your alley. 


So much was it for me that I had to bring a sample to you, with my commentary interspersed throughout. 


I bring this fun exploration with the premise that, as discussed in the last episode, Magick is always working. There are infinite ways to allow the pipes of magick to pump more powerfully through your present experience. One way is to purposefully expose yourself to reality expanding stories and concepts. A true story is here for you to expose and expand yourself into, in all its wonder and careful curation. 


Within this sparkling anomaly in the night sky of an episode we get into:

-Strange night time lights, shapes and sounds

-Two people seeing the same object but having vastly different internal experiences at the same time.

-A family deeply affected by ongoing encounters

-What the grays could be

-How consciously choosing a mindset absolutely informs our interaction with the fringe and the rest of our lives.

-My recent success with manifesting voice work

…and more!


If you are interested in grabbing a listen to the whole book click here for the audible page.

Mr. Sprague has a podcast with the same title that is a wonderful rabbit hole. Check it out.


And hey,


Thanks for hangin.


Show notes:

Ryan Sprague Author Page

Brothers of The Serpent Podcast mentioned in the show. Find them wherever you consume your podcasts

Thank you for the music:

elaineaeris For the closing credit song and inbetweeners

symphoid For the Chapter intro

Cover Art: Original By Iforce 

Books and Authors:

Karla Turner

Raymond Fowler and The Watchers I and II


The Wealth Success Affirmation Meditation Mantras Fun and Regular with Ocean Sounds

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A Treasure From Reddit: my “Infinite Gradient” Magick Model – why magick *technically* always works.




A very cool piece on the topic of Magick and mind. Exactly why we are here!

I was lucky enough to sift through r/occult to come across this boon of a perspective. The author has wished for anonymity and I will honor it. The body of the post will be in the show notes below. Thank you for your written word and your wonderful point of view.

This particular piece drew me in partially due to the engagement with Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy and all same/similar information and experiences circling around these topics.  Within the author breaks down quite well an overview of why magick always works and the implications of it. 

we find that:

-magick is real

-Magick always works

-The all is mind

and more!


A laser focused beam of thought to ignite a fire within so we may cook a feast of a life throughout. 

Thanks for the light.


Body of the post Below:


my “Infinite Gradient” Magick Model – why magick *technically* always works.


This is gonna be long. buckle in.

So let me first address the big thing:

yes, literal magick is real. yes, things like sigils can make it so that you can find money on the ground. I’ve accomplished intents like finding fast money, and the next day i found both a $50 bill AND a $20 on the ground in the same evening. Literally in the most unlikely of ways, it was crazy.

So this tells me, anybody who tells you that magick is “purely psychological”(meaning it doesnt affect anything outside of your apparent body) is either weak-willed, ignorant, misguided, or trying to suppress your abilities for whatever reason. Straight up.

Remember that reddit is an open forum, so all KINDS of people with no standard training can just waltz in here anytime and say anything they want, on top of the fact that they filter their opinions with strong biases. If I would’ve listened to all the close-minded fools, I would’ve never learned what I learned. I had to become confident in my own ability & had to learn to not give a fuck about anybody else if i wanted to experience the truth for myself.

The only person who can confirm all this is you, and its through your power alone that you find the Truth in yourself. Why do you think so many powerful spiritual figures in history went through a “hermit” stage where they isolated themselves from everybody & went off to mediate in a cave for years? because the nature of the real Truth is hidden IN you. Yes, conceptual frameworks can help guide you, but the REAL truth? its unspoken. its not something that can be “figured out” intellectually with other ignorant people. Eventually, once you reach a certain point, you have to not give a fuck what Aleister Crowley, Peter Carroll, Don M. Kraig, or even what S. Buddha said, and realize the taste of the truth experientially for yourself, to the point that its unmistakable what it is.

but you have to genuinely be open-minded to discovering it. Tilopa, one of the master founders of Mahamudra Buddhism, and a powerful mahasiddha, gave his Six Precepts of Advice for starting your path to finding the truth:

  1. Don’t recall. Let go of what has passed [mi mno]

  2. Don’t imagine. Let go of what may come [mi bsam]

  3. Don’t think. Let go of what is happening now [mi sems]

  4. Don’t examine. Don’t try to figure anything out [mi dpyod]

  5. Don’t control. Don’t try to make anything happen [mi sgom]

  6. Rest. Relax, right now, and rest [rang sar bzhag]

When you genuinely let go of all the ignorant conditioning thats been hammered into you, the Truth starts to appear and you can see the nature of reality for what it REALLY is.

Now, here’s the thing about magick:

I’ve noticed many people tend to ask whether their spell “worked” or “not.” this implies a duality. and it also implies a misunderstanding of magick and the nature of experience.

The truth is, all is mind. This is how magick is possible in the first place. All you have is mind and all youll ever have is your mind. For all eternity. thats the only way youll ever experience anything; is you experience it IN your mind. The true you isnt a “body”; the true you is an unborn “mind-being”, made of awareness. But because the nature of mind isnt obvious to itself, your true-self (mind) has ignorantly mistaken itself for its mental formations that appear in its scope (think of what happens when you fall into a fluid “dream” every night; your mind ignorantly mistakes mental formations to be “true” all the time & conditions itself into self-fulfilling prophecies. it ends up thinking its the body that appears infront of it because it conditions itself to believe its a singular self in relation to its other mental appearances that SEEM separate from it. but theyre all just one big mental projection. including the body. no matter how dense and vivid they may seem, its all still illusion. there’s nothing that says an illusion cant have structure and density to it. You just gotta see thru it.)

Now, why is this important? because everything you experience is literally a mind state. Any emotion, mode of perception, any action you take, is a mind state. This includes the act of a “spell” happening within your mind’s scope. When you intend a spell, youre not “reaching out” and using some kind of external “energy”. its you, as a mind-being, changing your experiential state to appear as if your spell is true.

Now what do we know about mind-states? Theyre not “on-and-off” things if you really examine them.

Take the state of being angry: when youre angry, you dont just switch from “not-angry” to “angry”. Becoming more angry is like a “rising;” you can feel your bodyheat rising by degrees when you get more angry. its gradual. And when you try to calm down, you notice it takes time. SLOWLY, you calm down.

And THIS is the keyword: “degrees”. any state of being is in DEGREE–a measurement along a gradient. and this includes your “spell-state”. the state of your spell is measured in degrees of its vividness. its up to you to determine whether its satisfactory or not.

Now lets say youre someone with a relatively weak-will: this basically means your magickal intentions are clouded by your other “mind-stuff” that you let get out of control: self-doubt, self-deprecation, your beliefs about the world, etc. These things become persistent patterns that become hard to uproot. all these thoughtforms play a part in how your spell turns out, and how you experience life (& this is the unfortunate part that many people struggle with: all the “bad things” that happened are a result of your mind; like nightmares. you didnt necessarily “intend” for them to happen, they were simply the side-effects of ignorance & unconscious habit. its unfortunate, but reality can be ugly. but taking responsibility for this is what transformed my life. i promise im not saying this out of spite).

Why do you think meditation is always recommended? because so many’s people’s minds are clouded with contradictory, harmful intents.

But this is what many dont realize: if magick is a result of mind, and mind is always working, then this means magick is always working. When you get up from your altar & your meditation mat, your mind is still holding beliefs about the world. so yes, you may have very well reached some degree of gnosis during a ritual, but after you got through with your ritual, and you essentially fell back to your old ways of thinking, you ended up with a shitty magick result.

this is why people may intend to find a $10 bill, but because the intensity of the “its hard for me to get money”-thoughtform is stronger than the “i find $10 bills”-thoughtform, then your spell-state becomes less intense , and you end up with a weak result : like seeing a $10 bill on an instagram post or something like that. Its also why many people dont instantly “get rich” from magick, even if theyve successfully casted spells before. they may still have some degree of disbelief that they could achieve ALOT of wealth. Their current conditioning may only allow them to have “decent” wealth, not alot. There are degrees to wealth, and there are degrees to cherophobia.

So technically, your spell worked, HOWEVER, subjectively, you didnt find this result satisfactory. so you decide to say “it didnt work”. but technically, it did work, but the DEGREE of your intent was too weak to be satisfactory for YOU personally.

So what is needed to change this?

Contemplation. The old-fashioned “hard work” aspect of becoming a successful occultist. You have to do hard self-reflective work to uproot self-defeating thoughtforms. gradually, overtime, softening them, bit by bit, until they become so weak that your spell-states are more intense than them, and you essentially become someone who doesnt even need to do a whole ritual; you just make magick happen like its nothing. it becomes part of who you are.

This means going to therapy; maybe seeing a psychiatrist; taking your meds; forcing yourself to change bad habits; cleaning your room; taking time to exercise and eating a healthier diet, etc. Get out more often and actually talk to people (with a mask on now), and stop trying to summon succubeses and incubeses like a dumbass. Force yourself to develop healthier relationships. Study people who overcame the odds & became successful. Contemplate on the nature of reality & stop seeing yourself as a mere “lump of flesh”. Seriously reflect on these things. Gain insight about your psychology. Change who you are. THEN you can get real serious with the more “obvious” occult practices. because if you dont work to improve yourself, youre wasting your time, and could potentially hurt yourself.

If you want to jump start this, TRUST ME: Shrooms are one of THEEEE best ways to jumpstart this. theyve been scientifically proven to change your brain in ways that reduces self-defeating habits. see the r/shrooms subreddit for more info.

this may seem “mundane”, but if all is mind, then there is no true separation of things; the “mundane” is actually “spiritual” and the “spiritual” is actually “mundane”. thats why i’ve stopped using the words “spiritual” vs “physical”. all appearances are simply phenomenological formations of “something”, with different degrees of vividness & intensity.

But once again, my words are simply a conceptual framework. if you dont agree.. oh well. but if they resonated with you, then simply use these words as tools to guide you to the REAL truth: the Truth beyond words. the Infinite Gradient of experience. Its already in you.


Thanks again for allowing me to bring voice to your wonderful words.


and hey,

Thanks for hangin.

Out of This World Chapter 04. No One to Change but Self




The final chapter in Neville Goddard’s “Out of This World”

Here we have a great wrap up to Nevilles direction. Within we touch upon:

-How it is the work of attending to how you would like to be, living in the end, that is the impetus for true change

-A meditation Neville went through

-Connections to Joseph Murphy abound

-Bible quotes

…and more!


At the end there is a mention of a very kickass episode that was actually released prior to this one all about reachin out and communicating with Angels. Great stuff which you can find in the episode list.

Moving forward let us put these avenues of directed attention to practice in whatever way you see fit. Fit them to your focus and find yourself living in the end. Living, exploring and expanding into a you and the world that surrounds you that you want to explore ever more into. We can do it all, together. 

and hey,

Thanks for hangin.


Special thanks to esistnichtsoernst for the intro 

and for the outro Divine Lion.


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Chapter 03. The Power of Imagination


“as a man thinketh, so is he”


The power of imagination is real. First Joseph Murphy and now we see Neville Goddard are saying the same thing. Historically I think it was Neville first..


Demonstrated with examples and biblical verses, Neville leads us to the font of our own source of power, our imagination.


Mist3rDouglas makes connections to:


-The method style of acting..stumbling through the fun Lawrence Olivier, Dustin Hoffman actor story to make the point

-Connecting it to a strategy for goal setting presented in the book Little Habit Mastery ..get the audiobook soon.

-“desire is the power that imagination uses” Neville explains and explores his meditative imagining state. 

…and more!


“Desire and imagination are the enchanter’s wand of fable and they draw to themselves their own affinities. They break forth best when the mind is in a state akin to sleep” -Neville Goddard.


Thanks to esistnichtsoernst for the intro and outro music


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