Chapter 03. The Power of Imagination

“as a man thinketh, so is he”


The power of imagination is real. First Joseph Murphy and now we see Neville Goddard are saying the same thing. Historically I think it was Neville first..


Demonstrated with examples and biblical verses, Neville leads us to the font of our own source of power, our imagination.


Mist3rDouglas makes connections to:


-The method style of acting..stumbling through the fun Lawrence Olivier, Dustin Hoffman actor story to make the point

-Connecting it to a strategy for goal setting presented in the book Little Habit Mastery ..get the audiobook soon.

-“desire is the power that imagination uses” Neville explains and explores his meditative imagining state. 

…and more!


“Desire and imagination are the enchanter’s wand of fable and they draw to themselves their own affinities. They break forth best when the mind is in a state akin to sleep” -Neville Goddard.


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How To Make Friends With Angels…Written By Reverend Janglebones



This fantastic piece written by Reverend Janglebones was a gem I was lucky enough to stumble upon while digging around in r/occult. 

Within we are gifted with:

-A wonderful discussion on Angels including an insightful and artistic description of how they could be thought of

-The experience of a group exercise in research and contact of them. (Shout out to Gordon White and Rune Soup.)

-A Five step guide to initiate contact yourself

-A set of training wheels to light your lantern of attention in The Cunning Man’s Grimoire Preliminary Prayers

and more!


An absolutely fascinating piece that has me rekindling my connection with my confirmation saint. I’ll definitely do an update when appropriate. In reaching out and making contact with entities and energies that tune and play the strings of the universe and seem to provide potent pointers and portents could only bring about more beneficial synchronicity in lived experience on all levels. If we can shape our experience and choose to focus our attention, why not spend our most treasured asset on connecting and befriending messengers that, at least in a lot of literature, from ancient scrolls and biblical books to the tv show touched by an angel, can bring about perspective shifts that could send you on paths through the forest of the universe that you never knew existed to untold experiential treasures. 

You can read the article in its entirety here.

Thank you Reverend Janglebones for allowing me to voice your written word.

Check out his Website at and grab a tarot reading from the Reverend while there.

reach out and share your own experience on twitter @RevJanglebones 


Special thanks to nemaavla and Drakensson for the soundscapes.


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Out of This World Chapter 02. Assumptions Become Facts


And away we go into deeper depths that seem strikingly familiar. Chapter Two of Neville Goddard’s Out of This World presents us with a deepening understanding of what ‘living in the end’ means for our mode of thought as it pertains to producing physical existing. 

Within we go into:

-Removing our veil of the senses

-deep diving into a controlled waking dream seeing and hearing what you want to see and hear until your attention is completely taken up by the imagined state.

-Engaging with people  as you would once you were in the state, time and place you would be as you imagine yourself optimally.

-assuming you are where and what you want to be, desire is fulfilled and all longing is neutralized.

…all this and more!


***The ongoing -pull back of the bow string and release of the arrow of attention- that we seem to swing around and get closer to each time we let fly, is, at least for me, recognizing  this as a process. This is not going to -*snap your fingers* and boom everything is perfect now- put you with super powers surrounded by harems of whomever your into, standing on your space yacht sipping on gin and juice, or in my case tequila, looking down and laughing with the universe at this pale blue dot…At least, not until you are.  The mind and our filters have been formed by every thought we think and every perception and emotion we’ve attached to the experiences we’ve had. It is this process of wiping the soot of limitation in all its many forms, off our lenses and seeing how intricate and multifaceted our looking glasses really are. That we can begin, through many different, probably infinite, avenues, see, reach into with our attention and fully experience how we’d like to experience this experience we are experiencing. Let the process flow, wipe Mr. Sandmans work away and little by little turn attention toward where you want it to go.  I’ll see you on the space yacht fellow Telstai. Cheers and as always,

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Out of This World by Neville Goddard

Sweet threads Mist3rDouglas style

Out of This World Chapter 1 part 2


We continue on and finish up chapter One of Out of This World written by Neville Goddard.


The Holographic Model of reality is referenced by me.

Neville gets into thinking 4th dimensionally.

Connections to Dr. Joe Dispenza and Joseph Murphy are made

Neville talks about living in our two different but connected worlds

I talk about a couple of my own examples of what we are discussing have come to pass recently.

I bring up that fun brain candy store of a show Devs. Thank you Manuel.

all this and more are within.


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Out of This World By Neville Goddard.. what we’re reading here

The Holographic Universe written by Michael  Talbot 


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Out of This World By Neville Goddard. Three simple steps. Part One.


Welcome Back!


Our next dive into the power of ourselves is into our imagination.

What is our imagination? What is this capacity we have to conjure up such deeply involved imagery, sounds, smells, tastes, interior experiences, and how does it affect and inform our waking walking reality?


Neville Goddard and his book Out of This World shows us a way in which we can learn how. It is up to us to implement and enjoy the journey of not only how, but why and what for. Lets get to it!


Within this episode we introduce:

-The three steps Neville knocks out for us to begin to live in the end, now.

-How focusing the mind the way Neville and friends are guiding us to, has striking similarities to the Stanislavski acting method

-A walk through of what one could engage and imagine for themselves,.. well one for me and one for anybody who enjoys dining out with friends n’ fam.


All this and more when you are Hangin with Mist3rDouglas.


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Out of This World


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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.A review of some Choice Techniques


Hello and welcome back!


Today we chit chat and trundle through a few of my go to techniques and micro meditations from Joseph Murphy’s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. 


Techniques included, and linked individually to my youtube channel:

Your Unfolding Desire Micro Meditation

A Simple Technique to Receive Guidance From Your Subconscious

Infinite Intelligence Knows What is Best For Me Micro Mediation

A Meditation For Insomnia Before Bed

Instill Your Special Person Into Your Subconscious Mind. A Guided Meditation.

Choose Happiness <—- This one is a goodie. I mean they’re all good but this one is a great way to start your day.

A Technique of Forgiveness

Live In Joyous Expectancy Micro Meditation

A Master  Technique For Overcoming Fear

Beyond the bountiful bits from Mr. Murphy I touch upon:

-Energy work

-Hypnosis and future pacing

-NLP and the swish technique

-A personal experience

…and more!


Amazon links:

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Robert Bruce Books:

Energy Work

Astral Dynamics


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The Story Of Gallano. Episode 5.



A big episode in our Gallano series. Information is given. History is revealed. What is Gallano? and what ‘on Earth’ are the humans he’s been hybridized with? All this and more within episode 5 of.. “The Story of Gallano”


-A big shout out to the many creators that provided such amazing soundscapes for this episode. For reals you have skills and I couldn’t be more appreciative-



Stereo Surgeon







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Chapter 20 of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: How to Stay Young in Spirit Forever


“Your subconscious mind never grows old. It is timeless, ageless, and endless.”

-Joseph Murphy


The final chapter of the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind is here.

A wonderful way to look at what it is to ‘age gracefully’ which is understanding the statement above. 

Within Mr. Murphy leaves us with ideas such as:

-Age is the dawn of wisdom

-Life, is

-The Fruits of old age

…and more!


amazon link to the book we just went through. Woot Woot!

-The first in the trilogy of Robert Monroe books I highly recommend referenced within the episode. The first entitled Journeys Outside The Body

The Monroe Institute

-Remote viewing declassified government documents. The infamous Project Stargate.

Russell Targ Wiki…His books are great too

Ingo Swann and his books are a real trip down the rabbit hole. He worked with Russell Targ within Project Stargate. Definitely recommend the lot but Penetration: The Question of Extra Terrestrial and Human Telepathy is a real goodie. Spoiler he remote views a spot…not on this earth.

-The Robert Bruce book Astral Dynamics on astral projection.

Life After Life By Dr. Raymond Moody. All about near death experiences.


I hope you enjoyed this journey we went through, priming our subconscious minds. I know I did. Stay tuned for many more avenues and paths well walked or not strolled upon for some time, in which we explore and employ together ways for better thinking, better living, with Mist3rDouglas…yeah!

Chapter 19 of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: How to Use Your Subconscious Mind to Remove Fear


“Do the thing you are afraid to do, and the death of fear is certain” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


“When you affirm  positively that you are going to master your fears, and you come to a definite decision in your conscious mind, you release the power of the subconscious, which flows in response to the nature of your thought” – Joseph Murphy


A doozy of an episode is what we’ve got here. The second to last chapter in the book as well.


Within Mr. Murphy brings us information on:

-Man’s Greatest Enemy

-Fear of Failure

-Normal and Abnormal Fear

-A really great story of soldier landing in the jungle, feeling the fear of being lost and how he handled it

-Techniques to master fear

…And more!


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Chapter 18 of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: How Your Subconscious Removes Mental Blocks


The solution lies within the problem. The answer is in every question.

If that isn’t some Matrix Oracle ‘have a cookie’ talk I don’t know what is…but it’s true!

In this chapter Mr. Murphy breaks down:


-How to break or build a habit

-The Power of your mental picture and focused attention

-The Law of Substitution 

…and more!


amazon link to the book

Link to a reference to Telestai

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