Chapter 12 of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: Scientists Use the Subconscious Mind


Scientists have been given their “know how” of some of the greatest achievements in the modern world by the power of their subconscious mind and you can access this too!


Within Mr. Murphy brings us stories of:

-How via sleep a distinguished naturalist found the correct fossilized fish and brought it to light, in the middle of the night, with the power of his subconscious mind.

-How Dr. Banting received from his subconscious the clue to helping those who suffer from diabetes.

-How the benzine ring was discovered

-How a famous scientist escaped a Russian concentration camp, a favorite of mine,

-A simple straight forward technique to receive guidance from your subconscious mind

…And much more!

Amazon link for the book

 May we all easily, gently tap into the power of our subconscious mind to find answers to the questions we ask. To have them happily pop up like delicious pop tarts, providing pleasure, sustenance, better thinking and better living.

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Chapter 11 of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: Your Subconscious Mind as a Partner in Success



Success means successful living.

Within Mr. Murphy elucidates the many ways in which we an tune into and turn our subconscious into our best friend and ally in the impassioned pursuit and enjoyment of a life successful. 

Within we get into:

-The three steps to success

-Act as if. The ‘magic if’ (a personal favorite)

-using the subconscious mind in business

..and more!


Cultivate peace, harmony, integrity, security, and happiness within the deep self. Meditating on these qualities builds these treasures of heaven in our subconscious where..”moth and rust do not consume, and where thieves do not break through and steal” – Matthew 6:20

Amazon link to the book 

-The Stanislavski method acting book referenced within

-the 5 minute mantras: 

*with soothing ocean waves

*with a catchy rhythm 

May successful living overflow from within you and be shared and spread to multiply throughout your lived experience. Something to aspire to anyway. It sure beats the alternative.

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A Must Read For All Earnest Seekers of Enlightenment and Truth



Brought to us by @iameternallife, Sebastian Key, and found on r/occult.


I was lucky enough to stumble upon this gem while perusing my daily reads. 

A wonderful piece that inspired me to bring voice to the wisdom within. 

Everyone is on their own journey. May you find it a bit easier along the way as you carry these words with you.

“Thoughts, emotions, and sensations all appear within you. You are the sky, they are the clouds.”  – Sebastian Key

Atreyu and Bastian Never Lost Hope

and the land of Fantasia, the land of human hopes and dreams lives on because of it.

– heads up clicking the poster will take you to amazon. Such a sweet poster. Who doesn’t want to ride a luck dragon?

My brother and I decided to take a trip back in time so we watched The NeverEnding Story, now on netflix. Running at about an hour and a half, with imagination expanding visuals, an expansive cadre of fantastical characters and a peak 80’s soundtrack, this is a wonderful ride of a movie. So wonderful that the deeper messages are gently presented and aren’t an in your face, hammer on the head kind of delivery. So gently that in re-watching I was struck, gently, with the profundity, timeliness and depth of meaning therein.

Simply put it is our hopes and dreams that keeps Fantasia, the imaginal realm all humans have access to, alive. The world is being wiped out because people have begun to lose their hopes and forget their dreams. The Nothing tears through this world shredding it into, well, nothingness.

Atreyu asks G’mork, the agent of the Nothing “but what IS the Nothing?” G’mork replies “it’s the emptiness that’s left, it is like a despair, destroying this world” The scene referenced is below:

G’mork gave me nightmares…you know when I was younger…I sleep with the lights on so what.

The message of this scene and the scene where Atreyu heads back to the ivory tower tie together the powerful point that this experience, this reality, is participatory, that you are powerful, special and you must know it. Know that it is your hopes and dreams that directly informs and keep this experience of existence and all of its wonderful potential, afloat. Without them we allow the Nothing to empower malicious actors, take control, sweep through and leave only despair and emptiness in its wake.

G’mork’s answer to Atreyu when he asks why he is helping the Nothing really hits home at this point in our time “because people who have no hopes are easy to control and whoever has the control has the power.”

Heavy, but in a time where there seems to be so much uncertainty swirling around us, it can be easy to feel swept away along with our hopes and dreams. To give up on ourselves and relinquish the quiet truth that each and everyone of us are powerful, unique and a part of something wonderful. The human experience with all its boundless potential must be actively engaged with or else we risk giving up control, giving up our rightful self agency, our power to those who would use it to wipe out our hopes and dreams and leave us in a barren Nothing.

The simple recognition that we are special, we are meaningful and wonderfully unique is the first and most powerful step to push the Nothing right out of our minds and hearts. To grow the boundless Fantasia anew and tap into the powerful potential our hopes and dreams have to change our living experience for ours and everyone’s benefit.

We are all great warriors in our own right. We are all Atreyu and Bastian.

Toward the end when Atreyu and the Empress are talking about why Bastian hasn’t appeared to save Fantasia yet Atreyu asks why he’s allowing their world to be torn asunder. The Empress responds “he doesn’t understand that he’s the one who has the power to stop it. He simply can’t imagine that one little boy could be that important.”

The clip referenced is below which starts around 1:18:

He simply can’t imagine…

It begins with the power of our thoughts. Imagine we have the power to change our lives for the better. Imagine we have the power to make the world around us better. Imagine our wildest hopes and dreams can come true. We have the power. We, each and everyone of us are that important.

In imagining we bring hopes and dreams into the world we all have access to. The world of the imaginal where all greatness begins. A world some may call Fantasia.

Giving up on our hopes and dreams is what allows the Nothing and it’s G’morks to further their crusade of control and power. Don’t give up. Keep imagining. Bastian flew with Falcor through the streets of his city. Perhaps if we all maintain our hopes and dreams we can bring our own pieces of Fantasia from the imaginal realm and into waking reality.

Hey who doesn’t want to ride a luck dragon?

Chapter 10 of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: Your Right to Be Rich



For Mr. Murphy, you and me there are no bones about it. In this motivational chapter we go into:


– Money as a symbol

– Getting the right attitude toward money

– Obstacles and impediments on the Pathway to Riches

…and more!


A quote for inspiration to drench your subconscious in from this chapter: “..a seed deposited in the soil attracts to itself everything necessary for its unfolding“.. and that all you have to do is take a lesson from the seed and deposit the required idea into your subconscious mind.


And hey I found out humanity has figured out how to turn mercury into gold! Alchemy is real in all its many forms. From a quick google search: 

Gold was synthesized from mercury by neutron bombardment in 1941, but the isotopes of gold produced were all radioactive. In 1924, a Japanese physicist, Hantaro Nagaoka, accomplished the same feat. Gold can currently be manufactured in a nuclear reactor by the irradiation of either platinum or mercury.”

From Mercury to Gold

I get no commission from recommending this youtube channel but the one I mentioned, WholesaleTed is definitely an inspiration. 


Thanks for listening, for being the wonderful ever growing and glowing human you are,

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The Story Of Gallano. Episode 4.



The confrontation with the collectors ensues. Will Gallano survive? Will he be taken by the collectors? Will the Arimans finally acquire their new weapon? What is it about him that is so special? Tune in and find out what happens next in the story of Gallano.

Wealth. Success. A Simple Five Minute Affirmation Session.

Mmmm.. ocean sounds

Photo by Fabian Wiktor on

In Chapter nine of Joseph Murphy’s Power of your Subconscious Mind entitled How to Use the Power of Your Subconscious for Wealth, we are provided with several different mental tactics and techniques to shake loose limiting beliefs and embed within our subconscious minds and lives the idea of wealth and success. Embed the idea and, if what you think is what you become, the idea becomes your reality.

Now this is not about simply ‘thinking something into existence’. Every goal worth getting will have action associated with it. Eliminate the barriers of limiting belief by gently massaging these powerful ideas deep into your subconscious mind. Action then flows freely from you to achieve that which you seek.

Below are two youtube videos each with about five minutes of wealth, success, repetition, based on one of the techniques provided. The second is far more involved but it carries a fun rhythm. The first is much more straight forward and with calming ocean sounds. These are a part of my experiment working with the techniques provided by Mr. Murphy from his book. Within he states.. “repeat for about five minutes to yourself, three or four times a day, ‘wealth – success’. These words have tremendous power. They represent the inner power of the subconscious mind. Anchor your mind on this substantial power within you; then conditions and circumstances corresponding to their nature and quality will be manifested in your life.” The next part is appreciated because he makes the distinction “You are not saying, ‘I am wealthy’ you are dwelling on real powers within you. There is no conflict in the mind when you say, ‘wealth’. Furthermore, the feeling of wealth will well up within you as you dwell on the idea of wealth.” Bold and italics are mine.

The goal of this site and podcast is to explore and implement the many techniques handed to us from sages of all ages, so for seven days straight I’ll be utilizing these brief and powerful affirmation sessions to do just that. I’m biased but I enjoy them both quite a bit which means I’ll probably utilize them for longer than seven days. However I think after a Week has past we can report on any new thoughts and changes occurring in my waking reality.

Why not join me? If these words send a shiver or buzz up your backside it might be worth shaking up some possible limiting beliefs held within that may no longer serve you in your pursuit of a life well lived. What have you got to lose? What have you got to gain?

And hey the one with ocean sounds doubles as a solid sleep aid.

If you want to listen to me narrate and commentate through Mr. Murphy’s tome you can find my podcast here, on spotify, and on apple podcasts entitled Hangin With Mist3rDouglas.

Enjoy and may you find all the wealth and success you desire along this winding road of life.

The calming one with ocean sounds

This one has a nice clippy rhythm to it. A little more involved however…

Chapter 9 of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. How to Use the Power of Your Subconscious for Wealth



Wealth is of the mind!


Building even more momentum from our previous chapter, Mr. Murphy gives us a pointed approach to generate wealth, first within and consequently throughout our lives.  In this episode we get into:


-An ideal method for building wealth consciousness


-How to avoid mental conflict


-Why our affirmations and powerful positive thoughts still amount to an apparent ‘nothing’


…and more!


Join me, Mist3rDouglas, and countless others in exploring, discovering, experimenting, implementing and enjoying the myriad ways we can tap into the power of our subconscious mind! Imagine, you, living in prosperity. Believe in your beautifully unique value. Feel your success and see it pour forth into your life. 

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Show notes/references:


A powerful video with Marie Forleo


Reiki Awakening Academy


A Reiki audiobook I narrated


Chapter 8 of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: How to Get the Results You Want


Cheers to you who’ve come to delve deeper into all that we are!


Easy Does It. To use mental force is to presuppose opposition…


Chapter 8 lays a foundation for letting go of mental strain and effort, and bridging desire with your imagination to envelope yourself in the feels of your end result…and then your end result. 


Addressed within:


-The three steps to success in prayer


-The law of reversed effort


-How to reconcile the conflict of desire and imagination

..and more!



Wu Wei baby!


Thanks to Joseph Murphy


Thanks for joining me on this experimental exploratory quest to crack open the powers of our subconscious mind and more!


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Video Review: Growth Mind

Neuroscientist Shows You the Secrets to Obtaining A Growth Mindset 

Action is the answer. Andrew Huberman has got some tips.

This youtube video interview from Tom Bilyeu interviewing neuroscientist Andrew Huberman brings us a big ole bag of gems in under an hour. From EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to inducing a sigh, this video, at the bottom of the bloouerrg, highlights a couple big yet simple betterment maneuvers we can incorporate into our lives.

When you are hanging with Mist3rdouglas..yeah, the idea is to expose us all to myriad ways we can all tap into our selves, recognize we are more than whatever the moment is telling us, move past reaction and move into a fuller presence where greater awareness, choices and opportunities are at our disposal. If you play video games then you know, when you have more dialogue options, you are going to have more fun. More choices equals more fun. Most of the time true for life. The chip isle though. The choices. This video discusses the brain and body, the relation between the two and how greater awareness can come flooding in.

I can’t recommend watching the entire video enough but one take away, instantly applicable, especially when dealing with rough and tumble emotions, or traffic, is the sigh inducing technique. Turns out dogs do this all the time. First yoga and now this? Smart doggos out there.

Basically you breathe in deep, then when you are feeling full, take one more sip of air as big a sip as you can, fill those lungs to the fullest.., then sigh, off or on voice, a releasing a full exhalation. Give it a try. I love doing this when feeling flustered during traffic, mid to do list, or, especially during the Covid times here, while catching myself ruminating over past events, experiences or conversations with others and churning up needless anxious emotion. I Dog sigh right through it.

I won’t lie it takes a couple, but it works.

The induction of this sigh, and this is explained way better in the video, beginning around the 46 minute mark, Dr. Huberman tells us that there is a subset of neurons responsible for the action of sighing. Inhale twice, exhale long and you activate the parasympathetic nervous system to trigger calm via the diaphragm. Plain and simple. The diaphragm is connected in such a way as to send a signal to our brain telling it how the body is doing based on our breath. Our bodies have an ‘auto calm’ design mechanism built in. The mechanism for calm is called the sigh.

Deep breath in, then fill em to the brim, and release nice and long to induce that calm.

I want to write more about these types of physical self induction techniques. This outside in approach.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind and all new thought publications, as well as Joe Dispenza, Neville Goddard, Maxwell Maltz, Bruce Lipton etc all lean more to the inside out approach.

While training and learning up as an actor you discover there are two basic ways to go about approaching a performance. Outside in or inside out. Inside out would be classified as ‘method acting’. You generate internal thoughts, feelings, etc and have them inform and bubble up through your characters actions. Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, and one of the greatest of our times, Daniel Day Lewis. The list is extensive these are just a few. Change your thoughts and you change your behavior.

The outside in approach is more technical. The costume informs how you walk and carry yourself which will inform the way you interact with other people and thus how you portray your character. The specific speech will shape your sounds in such a way as to inform how your character is portrayed..usually with a good script. The exterior will inform the interior which will inform the performance. Change your clothes and your style of speech and you change the way people perceive you.

Both are true. Both work. Combining the two is when you get the best results for a role. Why not apply it to the show that is our lives.

The video is below. It’s queued up at the 46 minute mark for you. Can’t recommend the whole thing enough though. Really powerful information.

We are all getting better at being ourselves with every sigh and rapid eye movement. Why not lean in, build some momentum and speed up the process?

Thanks for hangin.