Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol. One Chapter Twenty Four Excerpt Episode


I’ve been fortunate enough to narrate and produce the audiobook versions of both volumes of Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power.

I wanted to share some of the knowledge and wisdom packed into the these tomes and to that end I’ve produced episodes of Hangin with Mist3rdouglas that will drop excerpts from each chapter to explore and expound upon.


**You can purchase a copy of the audio version now here:


In this episode we look at an excerpt from Chapter 24 entitled The Direct Connections To Power of Significance and Insignificance


We discuss the differences between:

Important: comin from the base Import means “to bear, carry or convey meaning having evident value” you know, like Water. Water is important. 

Significance: comin from the base Signify “to betoken, foreshadow, or indicate as something to take place”


-How Significance Portends something and is a Portent. 

-How it might be acceptable to know what something means (its importance)

But not acceptable to know what something portends (its significance)

all this and more!


If you’ve enjoyed the material talked about visit the website of the font of it all.


Thanks for Hangin 


More power to and unfolding from you



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