The Story of Gallano Prequel: Fall of the KT Prime Hangin With Mist3rDouglas

  1. The Story of Gallano Prequel: Fall of the KT Prime
  2. Two Techniques and a Mantra. On Beginning again, starting now and being ready to be ready.
  3. A Chapter Review and Commentary from the Audiobook "Somewhere In The Skies A Human Approach to The UFO Phenomenon" Written By Ryan Sprague
The Story Of Gallano

Abandoned on an unknown planet, Gallano must access all he has within him, both known and unknown, to find a way out of his captivity by way of an intergalactic archnemesis, the Felinians…

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The Answer lies within. Know thyself and you know the answer. Those words are archaic sounding but the book written by Joseph Murphy “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” is not! A simple yet mind expanding perspective, with activities, all geared toward opening yourself to the infinite power of your subconscious mind. Now with Commentary from Mist3rDouglas.

City of Wolves

A fun and frightening time with this short 3 part series is what’s in store for any who dare to click. Spoiler, I play the werewolf, among other characters.

Full Spectrum Affirmations: The Audiobook

The audiobook comes with a brief introduction on affirmations, a hypnotic induction to place you in an optimized state of receptivity. This allows the affirmations to reach ever deeper into your subconscious. A wake up recording is included as well so that you can listen to Full Spectrum Affirmations any time of day. On break from work, on a walk through your neighborhood or as you drift into sleep, these full spectrum affirmations will work for you.

The gems within this audiobook are the various methods of affirmation delivery. This audiobook includes not one, not two, but five different formats for you to engage with to find the best way your mind can receive and implement such powerful affirmations.

The Kybalion

Timeless Philosophy for humans of all ages. Natural Law. The Hermetic Philosophy. Crack open your mind!

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