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Ingo Swann’s gem filled treasure chest

While I’m walking or driving or making a meal, I’m thinking, you know how your mind is goin round and round. I want to think about what would best help me be better: a better money earner, better attractor, better human. But sometimes I think about that good looking person I saw in the store this morning or the latest lunacy the M5M, the mern strerm merdia (main stream media) is attempting to jam into my mind. (successfully there until I catch it).

Until I pop on an audio book.

Like train tracks, my mind can ride these rails and stay on a trajectory I know will help me before I derail onto the thought of the girl who was buying kiwis the same time I was.

The train tracks that Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power provides have changed my life. I first read the books about two years ago and became obsessed with the frames of mind presented within. Not only because Ingo was a renowned Remote Viewer and psychic that was one of the creators of the U.S. Gov.’s remote viewing program, or that he’s written about his experiences and teachings in growing and expanding his (and ours) latent telepathic ability–I could go on–and if you are interested visit to get to know the man a even more.

I became obsessed and still am today because the discussion of, and knowledge about POWER at the individual and societal level built a frame of mind that showed me anything and everything is possible. Since then my life has turned upside down in some wild ways. From walking away from the main stream narratives about our world and work, to moving back to my hometown to be closer to my family, to leaning into professional voice work and becoming a creator that eventually lead me to the privileged position of narrating and producing these very books!

All while exploring the mind, magick, psi, hypnosis, reiki, NLP, telepathy, remote viewing, the holographic universe, aliens (its an ever growing list) and how all of this can be bundled under one word: POWER.

The more we know about and can understand or Grok (as Ingo puts it) power, the more powerful we can become. The more powerful you become the more free you are. Simple as that.

I’m no guru, far from it. I’m just like you, wanting answers, wanting information and wanting a path forward and upward so that I can help myself and help others around me win in this world that is not as is presented.

The knowledge and understanding in these books are doorways to a world and a life filled with possibilities and opportunities that can only arise once you become aware they are there in the first place.

You know what they say “knowledge is power”

Get on your train tracks and start riding your rails.

Like I said I am also a creator and I have a youtube channel that holds a lot of my audio work and some episodes of my podcast. I’ve curated a few of the short quote videos for you below:

–Below is the playlist of the full episodes where I discuss in a little more detail the excerpts quoted from the book.–

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