Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol One: Chapters 8 and 9.



Breakin down that pyramidal power structure one block at a time!


This episode we explore chapters 8 and 9:


Chapter 8 brings into ever more focus The Traditional Power Pyramid:

-social conditioning on behalf of a pyramidal power structure

-the multiplicity of power structures within a power structure

-power with regard to meaningful areas of activity

..and more!

An exercise to imagine:

Outline Five or more processes that defeat Empowerment and enhance Depowerment…


Chapter 9 Explores Four generic kinds of Individual and societal Power:

-An obscured problem that can defeat power

-Frames of reference regarding what power is thought to consist of

-Intellectualisms mistaken as different kinds of power

-Generic kinds of power

and lots more!

Exercises to expand awareness of the four kinds of generic powers:

Make a stealthy list of people who seem to fall within each of the four kinds of generic powers


Expansion of awareness can be fun! 

Hey thanks for hangin

and more power to you!


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Opening Song:

Walking Chill
Hola Hola


Breaktime Song:

In This World
Closing Song:
Soul Shifters

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