Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol One: Chapters 6 and 7.


Gettin into it now! It’s chapter 6 and 7 time.


Within this episode we go over:

Chapter 6: Societal Power vs The Absence of Power Schools

-Societal techniques aimed at preventing wide spread empowerment

-Modern Knowledge bypassing in depth info on Power

-The Absence of the Science of Powerology

-Philosophy buggin out when it comes to power

-What has happened when, in modern times, Power studies and empowerment opportunities pop up

Items to Investigate for Chapter 6:

Try to locate a power school open to the public that is ENDORSED and FUNDED by a MAINSTREAM power structure…


Chapter 7: The Web of Secrets Preventing Access to Empowerment

-The concept of a web

-The close linkage of secrecy and power

-Depriving the masses of Power Knowledge

-The major structure of depowerment

-Depowerment best practices

-The absence of studies regarding the nature and scope of human AWARENESS &

the absence of studies regarding Intuition, Telepathy and Foresight

-Perpetuating a state of UNknowing regarding empowerment

Items to contemplate from chapter 7:

No power schools

No encyclopedias of human powers and abilities

No studies regarding the nature of awareness

No PRODUCTIVE studies regarding intuition, telepathy and foresight **For this one though I must add that at the very least Dean Raidin and his work fits here. While not common knowledge it’s pretty productive. His book Real Magic is quite good**

All this and more!

and hey,

Thanks for hangin.

More power to you.




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