A Little Laughter Goes A Long Way

The world gets wackier by the day. It’s difficult to keep the mind calm and our vision steady. I find a little laughter can help recalibrate ourselves back to a baseline more beneficial to seize the moment, take a break and remind our body to breathe deep. To that end I wanted to share a video that had been passed around a little while ago from a French television show. The particular episode brought together several people with the most ‘interesting’ kinds of laughs. While watching and listening, at points in disbelief, I could not help but join in on the giggles. After the video finished I felt better than when it started.

The video is two minutes long and in my opinion it’s two minutes well spent. The entirety of the video is in French and I think that makes it even more effective if, like me, you don’t parle Français. Enjoy, laugh and may it bring some positive vibes into your experience.

The pictures behind them describe what their laughs sound like. Pure Gold.

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