Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol One: Chapters 10 and 11.



Double digits now.

Within chapter 10 we discuss and explore:

Empowerment and Depowerment V.S. Power Games:

-Power games vs No-Power games

-An exploration of the history of the definition of the word Game

-Power Games with regard to Depowerment

and more!

Chapter 10 Items to Imagine:

Imagine/design six methods or more to depower your power opponents 


In Chapter 11:

-Rules for power deployed within powerdom

-Power components as changeable/malleable

-The nature of “rules”

-Deployment of “rules” for power

-The concept of ‘Power (rules)-making’

and more!

Items to Explore for chapter 11:

In stealthy and silent ways, try to notice those who try to set up rules for power over others, but which rules do NOT apply to themselves….


And as always,

Thanks for hangin.

More power to you!


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Opening and Break music:

Eternal Mountain
Lincoln Davis
Closing Music:
Soul Shifters


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