Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol One: Chapters 12 and 13.




Further into the Weeds of Power with Chapters 12 and 13!


In Chapter 12 titled The Ongoing Dichotomy of Individual and Societal Power the subject matter surrounds:

-Societal Power vs Individual Power

-It’s a Trinity not a Dichotomy (really)

-The existence of Intrinsic Human Powers

and more!


Item For Field Research from chapter 12:

Interview at least 5 people with regard to what they think about power, empowerment, and depowerment. (process clue: For best results: Get them to respect you first)



Chapter 13 Discusses Indigenous Depowerment and Personal Empowerment:

-Talking to people about it

-A hidden map of applied depowerment


-Further discussion on the prefixes DE and EM/EN


-All humans are carriers of power

and more!


Chapter 13 Items to Deduce:

Discover at least three important species wide powers which must be depowered in order to reduce the populations pool of competitors


as always more power to you

and thanks for hangin.


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Opening and Break Music:

Tell Dem
Zaria Junction
Closing Music:
Soul Shifters





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