Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol One: Chapters 14 and 15.

I especially enjoyed these two chapters.


Ingo gets a little serious and I take the edge off with mock olde world engish psa style deliveries. Will it help, I don’t know, but what I do know is that Ingo Swann is droppin bombs of knowledge with this installment.


We go forth into chapter 14: Power Energies Magnified vis a vis Those Who Don’t Have Power


Within we explore:

– Why those who seemingly don’t have power should be observed

-Why the turn of phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ can be described as annoying and unnecessary in certain light

-How its tough to see our own flaws

-Power Potentials and some definitions layered in

And more!


Chapter 14s Observations to Attempt:

Observe a selection of the “powerless” and attempt to sense what accounts for their condition and what potentials have been de-energized.


After a short break we break right into Chapter 15: You- And Your Power

Some of the main course includes

-The Uselessness of the Sweetness-and-light Empowerment Recipes 

-The life fore equals power and Empowerment

-The loss of the life force idea

-Some thought experiments and an inspiring and personal story from Ingo at the close of the chapter.


Chapter 15 has this Exercise to Consider:

Make your own List (from the story at the end of the chapter) of ten, including what happened because of them.


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa and beyondzaa

and as always,

 thanks for Hangin.



Opening and Break:

O Tannenbaum
Cast Of Characters



Olde British guys PSA song:

Holy Ground
Cody Martin
John Locke Thoughts Song:
Thirty Three Years
Wild Wonder


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