Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol. One Chapter Twenty Excerpt Episode


Hey everybody,

I’ve been fortunate enough to narrate and produce the audiobook versions of both volumes of Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power.

I wanted to share some of the knowledge and wisdom packed into the these tomes and to that end these episodes of Hangin with Mist3rdouglas will drop excerpts from each chapter to explore and expound upon.

**You can purchase a copy of the audio version now here:


In this episode we discuss the deliciously dense chapter 20 and specifically the “definitions” of intelligence. Notice the quotation marks because as it turns out, as Ingo deftly displays, we don’t have a solid foundational definition for it. This is discussed in the episode as well as:

-Evocative intelligence

-the state of intelligence using Tiktok as an example

-how humanity uses intelligence as one of its defining attributes and yet hasn’t done much of anything to universally amp it up across the species

-IQ tests and a personal story

All this and more!


definitely visit to get to know the Man and his many works.

and hey,

Thanks for hangin.


That 60 minutes report:



Bus Won’t Stop
Famous Cats


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