Ingo Swann’s Secrets of Power Vol One: Chapters 18 and 19.


Happy New Year and Beyond to all cultivators of power and empowerment!


Chapter 18 entitled Closed – Loop Versions of Power

Brings more familiarity to words like vicissitudes (which I may or may not have pronounced vicidditudes..oof) in 

-Vicissitudes of Power and Empowerment

-Staying Power

– closed loop frames of reference

-a reminder that societal power structures are merely constructs and applications of power but not representative of power itself.

and much more!


Items to explore for Chapter 18:

Identify at least five societal power structures that have closed loop frames of reference.


In Chapter 19: Power – Intelligence- and Smarts:

Ingo guides us through ideas like

-how only one side of power is ever discussed

-Power has at least two sides

-Transcending socially conditioned concepts of power

-Some actions attract power and some repel it!


– Three transcendental empowering factors.

and more!


Chapter 19’s item to fool around with:

In a power games kind of way, consider which of the eight kinds of power could transcend others.


Happy New year and so long 2022!


Thanks for hangin and more power to you!




Opening and Breaktime music:

Dr. Delight
Closing music:
Soul Shifters

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