Wheeeere is My Mind?

I don’t know about you but when I think about where my ‘mind’ is, where I feel when I’m thinking, I ‘feel’ it in my head. In my brain. Funny because the brain has no sense of touch or feeling itself. If you’ve ever seen the movie Hannibal, you know, with that one scene, where Anthony Hopkins is just chillin and serving up a twist on the term brain food to Ray Liotta… No feeling. For those that don’t understand the reference. Regardless of where I might sense the center of thought, for me the brain/head area, for others perhaps it’s the elbows, the brain has no feeling in and of itself. You could cut right into it and you’d never know. In fact quite recently a violinist who was having brain surgery insisted on staying awake to play the violin to ensure the surgery would not impair her skill.

Kinda gruesome way to start a conversation I’m aware. It begs the question however, “Where is my mind“?

The mind isn’t stuck in the brain per se. The mind may indeed be its own thing apart from the brain and not a bi product of pumped out chemicals stimulated by shitty traffic five days a Week. In fact, and one of the main reasons for this post, some officially sciencey scientists are doing a deep dive into this, as reported by Olivia Goodhill in a piece published in Quartz in 2016.

Aaaand because there is a paywall, while I am in full support of Quartz and their well crafted content, here is an article about the same article that doesn’t have a paywall.

This article, by Daniel Esparza in 2017 writes that along with a group of neuroscientists, sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists, Professor Siegel, professor of psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine, states that the mind is being considered now as more of an epiphenomenon of brain activity. The mind, your mind, is something above brain function. The mind seems to be more like a relational process. In my own words, an ebbing and flowing, a push and pull an attraction and repulsion. A giving and receiving. What I wanted to share from the article was this portion:

the most interesting thing about this definition is that it extends the mind to dimensions that go beyond our own immediate physical being. Siegel explains that it is something similar to what happens when we try to define what the shoreline is: “I realized if someone asked me to define the shoreline but insisted, is it the water or the sand, I would have to say the shore is both sand and sea (…) You can’t limit our understanding of the coastline to insist it’s one or the other. I started thinking, maybe the mind is like the coastline—some inner and inter process.”“-From the Article Scientists discover that your mind is not confined to your brain (or your body) The bolds are mine.

So instead of the mind, your mind, being locked up in a bone box (a doom box?..) your mind is a pulsation of information and vibration. At least that’s another way to describe a ‘relational process’. The major point is that your mind isn’t locked up and it isn’t some chemical spill over effect making me want to mate every Thursday-Saturday night…and sometimes Sunday through Wednesday as well…the mind is ‘something’ else. The mind is a conversation. The implications of a mind unbound are that Astral travel and remote viewing are far more graspable as is just about all psycho and telekinetic activity. Monks drying soaked wet strips of cloth atop the frigid Himalayas, dudes invoking dieties, overpowering a taser and fleeing the law with nothing but their focused minds, contact and communication with any kind of cryptid I mean the list …goes on. It certainly leans on near death experiences and the assertion that some piece of us continues to our next level post flesh bag play through. What catches fire quickest in my mind is the potential of the impact of the thoughts our mind concerns itself with. Or we tell it to concern itself with. If the mind is a conversation, what kind of conversation do I want to have? How powerful can my conversations be and what kind of wonderful, happy, strange surprises can they lead to? Last but not least, a conversation with whom? That one is a doozy.

If the mind is unbound, if the mind is something more than my own internal jibber jabber, what does that mean for you and me? If we are family/friends when we say hello are our minds reacquainting as well? I picture painted spirits painting and swirling, creating their own mini mental ecosystem only family/friends share. If we are adversaries, workmates, lovers, exes etc. do we fling gobs of creativity at each other like the lost boys over the dinner table in Hook?

Ancient civilizations referenced ancient civilizations that would talk about mastering the mind. The Alchemical awakening and transmutation of a mind unaware to a mind expanded, connected and whole. The axiom went something like All is mind. Master the mind and you master your universe.

So now science is loading yet another log onto the fire that we are far more than we give ourselves credit. Ancient people are rooting us on. I hear them, in my mind.

The topics of focus moving forward will explore this deep, slightly funky but funky in an inviting kind of way, rabbit hole. What is this ‘mind conversation’ we are having? What can this conversation bring about? How best to have this conversation? Can the conversation include jokes? It’s fun, and what mind doesn’t like to think fun thoughts?

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