Good Vibrations

My podcast is up!

The purpose of me coming in through clear via ear ways is to provide my preferred way of sensory stimulation an outlet of story telling and discussion. Currently there are two tracks of progression for the podcast. I’ll be narrating and commentating on Joseph Murphy’s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind to explore just what we can do when we focus our intent. First familiarize ourselves with the material and then put it into practice. One could argue I’m already practicing. Ok I’ll argue it but to explore further with you riding right along with me will be all the more an enjoyable journey.

The second is The Story of Gallano. An audio soaking of a story where we follow Gallano, an Alien Gray. There’s something different about this one. When he gets abandoned on earth he’s got to use everything within him, both known and unknown, to solve this intergalactic conundrum. Click the comic listen Below!

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