You’ll Want to Affirm The Same.


The purpose. The practice. The potential. The power.

Affirmations have been around since the first human got hungry, remembered and started to play with the thought of that sweet sweet orange fruit they had found yesterday, hanging off the trees in the meadow close by. “Sun Balls. Yeah there’s something there” they probably thought. “I remember the sun balls sweetness and how stingy the juice was to my cuts. I remember this time to not eat the outside and to spit out the seeds.” “I want that tasty sun ball! Oh how delicious and satisfying it is!”…obviously not in english but the ancient time period equivalent.

The fruit grower’s guide : Vintage illustration of orange.

That right there is an affirmation process that is as natural as the summer day is long and the orange is juicy.

The purpose, at least within that brief description above, of affirmations is self evident. There is something you want, something that the very thought of it brings you pleasure. You ruminate over it, savoring each bit of specificity from your perceived experience, and (now please read with a warm yet pleasantly piercing, pan spiritualist sound in a flowy white robe with beads everywhere kind of tone) in so doing you are attuning and engaging your mind, seemingly to the collaboration with the generative forces of the universe that you’d like some more ‘sun balls’ please and thank you very much. (ok turn off the voice…for now)

That, in my findings, which are varied and come with definite but fairly often a surprisingly ‘mixed nuts’ bag of results- Results none the less!- is it…in a nut shell…

If there were only a way to get to the mind set of someone akin to whose primary concern is how to get more delicious sun balls. With our modern society having us do everything but relax and take our moments one at a time, just as the come, it’s no wonder we laugh at affirmations when we don’t see immediate pay off/results.

I put gas in my car and now I drive. I turn on the tv and now I’m entertained. I put tasty food in my belly and now I poop. Why is it that when I ‘think happy thoughts’ of the things that I want that I don’t get them? Completely understandable.

However if we take a moment, modern science itself has stated that time is not linear as we may perceive it to be and strongly theorized that retro-causality is a thing. I know right?

So what is stopping us from sitting down, or at least purposely finding moments within our days, and using our own ability, our own full on mental capacity to imagine into our own internal experience exactly what we want? Also why not? At the very least it brings with it myriad positive sensations, beneficial biological shifts and it’s time much better spent then scrolling through any app, but I digress.

As mentioned above, relaxation is the key. We have to be relaxed enough to allow for the clear intent of our thoughts to flow. Once you find that relaxation, the ability to inform, shape and mold your mind, your consciousness and by extension your inner and outer experience becomes yours for the taking and shaping…And tasting, as the case may be.

Back to the present, where sun balls or almost any desire can be satiated with a click of a mouse or a trip to the store, as long as you’ve got the dollars. How can we clear our minds, relax and focus on what we truly desire with our whole hearts and minds, not just our stomachs and our sex organs.

One answer: Affirmations.

The term, in my opinion, is a catch all. What it means: any statement, in the affirmative, repeated with the purpose of benefiting the individual engaging with the affirmative thought. Something akin to, but but slightly different from mantras and therefore unique.

“Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Doctor Maxwell Maltz author of Psycho-Cybernetics equates the human mind to something like an error correcting mechanism. Something like the homing system within a torpedo, which when launched towards its target, repeatedly makes errors and mistakes, all the while self correcting, making less and less drastic mistakes, aiming more and more accurately until it eventually hits its mark and bam, Success.

As long as our minds are relaxed, without anxiety and excessive stress, we are able to give our minds a target, paint it vividly with our attentive imagination, repeat it until it becomes familiar to the point of forgetting and allow our subconsciousness to orient ourselves to what we had previously enjoyed attending to. This along with a few other minor pre-requisites, brings to us the potential ability to will into reality and attain what we desire.

On that note I wrote a book providing several pathways to allow beneficial thought to become familiar and settle deeply within your own mind. Bringing benefits unimagined until experienced. At least I was surprised when they worked for me. Over the many years of enjoying mental exploration, affirmations have been a way for me to begin to lay down new tracks I want my mind to ride on and enjoy the benefits from.

If ever you’ve enjoyed someone speaking pleasant words into your ears, you might just enjoy my audiobook. A change in direction to pleasantness, if only for a short while, can work wonders.

Click any of the links and enjoy all the surprises.

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