Chapter 03. The Power of Imagination

“as a man thinketh, so is he”


The power of imagination is real. First Joseph Murphy and now we see Neville Goddard are saying the same thing. Historically I think it was Neville first..


Demonstrated with examples and biblical verses, Neville leads us to the font of our own source of power, our imagination.


Mist3rDouglas makes connections to:


-The method style of acting..stumbling through the fun Lawrence Olivier, Dustin Hoffman actor story to make the point

-Connecting it to a strategy for goal setting presented in the book Little Habit Mastery ..get the audiobook soon.

-“desire is the power that imagination uses” Neville explains and explores his meditative imagining state. 

…and more!


“Desire and imagination are the enchanter’s wand of fable and they draw to themselves their own affinities. They break forth best when the mind is in a state akin to sleep” -Neville Goddard.


Thanks to esistnichtsoernst for the intro and outro music


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