Out of This World Chapter 04. No One to Change but Self




The final chapter in Neville Goddard’s “Out of This World”

Here we have a great wrap up to Nevilles direction. Within we touch upon:

-How it is the work of attending to how you would like to be, living in the end, that is the impetus for true change

-A meditation Neville went through

-Connections to Joseph Murphy abound

-Bible quotes

…and more!


At the end there is a mention of a very kickass episode that was actually released prior to this one all about reachin out and communicating with Angels. Great stuff which you can find in the episode list.

Moving forward let us put these avenues of directed attention to practice in whatever way you see fit. Fit them to your focus and find yourself living in the end. Living, exploring and expanding into a you and the world that surrounds you that you want to explore ever more into. We can do it all, together. 

and hey,

Thanks for hangin.


Special thanks to esistnichtsoernst for the intro 

and for the outro Divine Lion.


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