How To Make Friends With Angels…Written By Reverend Janglebones



This fantastic piece written by Reverend Janglebones was a gem I was lucky enough to stumble upon while digging around in r/occult. 

Within we are gifted with:

-A wonderful discussion on Angels including an insightful and artistic description of how they could be thought of

-The experience of a group exercise in research and contact of them. (Shout out to Gordon White and Rune Soup.)

-A Five step guide to initiate contact yourself

-A set of training wheels to light your lantern of attention in The Cunning Man’s Grimoire Preliminary Prayers

and more!


An absolutely fascinating piece that has me rekindling my connection with my confirmation saint. I’ll definitely do an update when appropriate. In reaching out and making contact with entities and energies that tune and play the strings of the universe and seem to provide potent pointers and portents could only bring about more beneficial synchronicity in lived experience on all levels. If we can shape our experience and choose to focus our attention, why not spend our most treasured asset on connecting and befriending messengers that, at least in a lot of literature, from ancient scrolls and biblical books to the tv show touched by an angel, can bring about perspective shifts that could send you on paths through the forest of the universe that you never knew existed to untold experiential treasures. 

You can read the article in its entirety here.

Thank you Reverend Janglebones for allowing me to voice your written word.

Check out his Website at and grab a tarot reading from the Reverend while there.

reach out and share your own experience on twitter @RevJanglebones 


Special thanks to nemaavla and Drakensson for the soundscapes.


and hey,


thanks for hangin.



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