Out of This World Chapter 02. Assumptions Become Facts



And away we go into deeper depths that seem strikingly familiar. Chapter Two of Neville Goddard’s Out of This World presents us with a deepening understanding of what ‘living in the end’ means for our mode of thought as it pertains to producing physical existing. 

Within we go into:

-Removing our veil of the senses

-deep diving into a controlled waking dream seeing and hearing what you want to see and hear until your attention is completely taken up by the imagined state.

-Engaging with people  as you would once you were in the state, time and place you would be as you imagine yourself optimally.

-assuming you are where and what you want to be, desire is fulfilled and all longing is neutralized.

…all this and more!


***The ongoing -pull back of the bow string and release of the arrow of attention- that we seem to swing around and get closer to each time we let fly, is, at least for me, recognizing  this as a process. This is not going to -*snap your fingers* and boom everything is perfect now- put you with super powers surrounded by harems of whomever your into, standing on your space yacht sipping on gin and juice, or in my case tequila, looking down and laughing with the universe at this pale blue dot…At least, not until you are.  The mind and our filters have been formed by every thought we think and every perception and emotion we’ve attached to the experiences we’ve had. It is this process of wiping the soot of limitation in all its many forms, off our lenses and seeing how intricate and multifaceted our looking glasses really are. That we can begin, through many different, probably infinite, avenues, see, reach into with our attention and fully experience how we’d like to experience this experience we are experiencing. Let the process flow, wipe Mr. Sandmans work away and little by little turn attention toward where you want it to go.  I’ll see you on the space yacht fellow Telstai. Cheers and as always,

thanks for hangin.



special thanks to esistnichtsoernst for the intro outro.


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