Out of This World Chapter 1 part 2



We continue on and finish up chapter One of Out of This World written by Neville Goddard.


The Holographic Model of reality is referenced by me.

Neville gets into thinking 4th dimensionally.

Connections to Dr. Joe Dispenza and Joseph Murphy are made

Neville talks about living in our two different but connected worlds

I talk about a couple of my own examples of what we are discussing have come to pass recently.

I bring up that fun brain candy store of a show Devs. Thank you Manuel.

all this and more are within.


Big thanks to esistnichtsoernst for the intro/outro. Gotta love that freesound.org


Amazon Affiliate links:

Out of This World By Neville Goddard.. what we’re reading here

The Holographic Universe written by Michael  Talbot 


And hey,

thanks for hangin.


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