Out of This World By Neville Goddard. Three simple steps. Part One.



Welcome Back!


Our next dive into the power of ourselves is into our imagination.

What is our imagination? What is this capacity we have to conjure up such deeply involved imagery, sounds, smells, tastes, interior experiences, and how does it affect and inform our waking walking reality?


Neville Goddard and his book Out of This World shows us a way in which we can learn how. It is up to us to implement and enjoy the journey of not only how, but why and what for. Lets get to it!


Within this episode we introduce:

-The three steps Neville knocks out for us to begin to live in the end, now.

-How focusing the mind the way Neville and friends are guiding us to, has striking similarities to the Stanislavski acting method

-A walk through of what one could engage and imagine for themselves,.. well one for me and one for anybody who enjoys dining out with friends n’ fam.


All this and more when you are Hangin with Mist3rDouglas.


Amazon Affiliate link to Nevilles book:

Out of This World


Wonderful Wearables


and hey,

thanks for hangin.

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