We’re Back with a New Episode! Mist3rDouglas Dives into the work of Ingo Swann and his book “Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP”

Together we shall begin to continue “Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of your Mind”

This picture makes way more sense after you listen to the episode. Promise.

We’re all psychic. The dude who helped shape and form what ultimately became the US government program for psychic spies, says so and he would know. Ingo Swann has put together quite the pile of research, how to’s and story times of his life long adventures in awakening and utilizing his innate psychic ability.

In this episode I go through a little story time from his book “Penetration” which I highly recommend you read or listen to.

The big overview here is Ingo Swann, a professional and highly disciplined psychic/remote viewer, researcher, artist and teacher, has provided a wonderful reference to engage with and grow in competency, our latent psychic talent. This engagement will inevitably bring us to engage with other phenomena in what is considered to be more para or meta-normal experience.

In his book “Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP” Ingo Swann *ring* lays out his experience in coming to confirm that he, and after extensive research, we all, are in fact in possession of a latent psychic ability or in his words an “ESP core”. We all already have one fully put together and ready to work. The ‘Work’ for us, is to get out of its way.

The display below, from the book, is Ingo’s own drawing on how to visualize the human minds make up, the process the ESP core goes through and obstacles in the way of it communicating effectively to our waking mind.

“The incoming psychic information, traveling through its preconscious processing area, where it probably gathers its general form, also must pass through a creativity process that allows the individual to participate with it in a creative sense. It is probably at this level of interaction that the psychic information acquires a good deal of its “noise”. The creativity channels are closely connected to a multitude of analytical though processes, the emotions of the individual, and the visionary elements of his or her dreams, preoccupations, and education. If the psychic information pops up through these multifarious channels, it is easy to see how it can become impeded with other random mind elements.” – Ingo Swann pg 67 Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP (emphasis mine)

The book which we shall continue to go through and utilize, does a wonderful job introducing us to our own psychic center, discussing why it can seem so difficult to reliably access this center and how throughout modern history of psychical and parapsychological research, picture drawings universally provide a competent avenue for ESP core engagement and growth. Specifically that A) picture drawings help provide a clear channel for the ESP core to communicate through and B) provide solid feedback when examining your own ESP core communication training process.

So what are picture drawing sessions? Basically a person is asked to mentally view and then doodle a picture deliberately drawn and placed out of perception of their basic or regular senses. To view the picture remotely. To remote view.

Two picture drawing sessions.
Two more picture drawing sessions
One more picture drawing session. This one is from Ingo. He’s got skillz.

This book is chock full of examples like these ranging back to the late 1800s!

So Ingo has put together for us a great entry point to engage with and get better at allowing our psychic center, our ESP core, to work with and through us.

In the podcast I discuss how this ESP core description resonates with some other descriptions and avenues to engage with this portion of ourselves a la communing with our HGA in ceremonial magick, talking to our spirit guides, the guardian angel of christianity, the higher self, the oversoul the list goes on.

As stated before and throughout this book, the work for us doesn’t seem to be an effortful carving and molding of some aspect of ourselves but is better described as an attuning with and communing with the preconscious portion of ourselves. Becoming familiar with and gently floating in this ocean of information that is always engaging with us.

Practicing this will move humanity forward and upward in a way desirable for humanity as a whole. And in the meantime awakens each individual engaging with themselves in this way a little bit more, stretching the boundaries of the unknown back a bit further.

Check out the Podcast here and hey,

Thanks for Hangin.

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