Two Techniques and a Mantra. On Beginning again, starting now and being ready to be ready.


Welcome back and welcome with warmth and wonder. 

In this episode I talk about two techniques I’ve implemented for my morning routine to tip the scales in my favor for the rest of the day. 

Beginning is constantly happening. We are always beginning again and as humans with our (as far as we know) unique awareness abilities, can begin again and be better at beginning than the last beginning we began. Because of this we can lean into ourselves as much or as little as we’d like to live in a way looking out for and toward experiences we want to surround ourselves with. 

Technique Numero Uno is broken down thusly:

-11 minute timed session in bed upon waking.

Alpha Binaural Beat Youtube Video (10 minutes or more) 

-Ask yourself the question: What does it feel like to be my best/ideal self?

-Play with this question. Feel the feeling the answers give you. Consciously amplify and deepen this feeling/feelings until the timer ends. Play with it!


11 minutes because I like adding an extra minute to increase the odds of a strong 10 minute session. It’s also a powerful number. Double Ones baby. That’s just fun to say.


Alpha binaural beats because this is the brainwave state (the alpha state) we settle into when we are in a light trance. Body asleep Mind awake type situation. Mild yet potent enough to allow a more direct slip n slide trajectory deeper into our subconscious mind. 


While there is no such thing as an ideal best self of all time throughout the universe because we are constantly changing and growing and in the process of becoming, individuating, processing and evolving, the question opens the mind up to the answers of that question. What would your ideal self be doing? My ideal self would be smiling back and a crowd that is clapping and appreciating me for my contribution. Now how does that feel? Play with that feeling for 11 minutes. 


This rehearsal of joy, for the purposes of my audio log and journey we are taking together, is to inform, program and press down on the positive side of the daily scale of lived experience. Thus lifting my awareness allowing me to notice events, moments and opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise be aware of since my perspective would have been different. As an added benefit it could also ward of anhedonia, the inability to feel joy, and keep those make your dreams real imaginal muscles more potent and flexy. 


Technique Numero Dos deals with a mantra I made and used an alarm for a little over two years earlier in my life from an Abraham Hicks talk I stumbled upon one fateful Civ 5 playthrough with youtube on in the background. 

Being Ready to be Ready is completely doable. It’s not asking me to be chipper, not asking me to smile. I’m not being held hostage by positive thinking in the slightest. Being ready to be ready to me means I am ready to be present for the moment and what it brings. It instills confidence in my that, since all that is real is the moment experienced at that moment in time, that’s all I need to be ready for. There is no use preplanning your positivity because those moments of joy, while careening toward you, are nothing of your concern until they are here, in the now, where you are ready for them. Ready to be ready. 


When I was dealing with a bout of depression this mantra molded my mindset in a way I will be forever grateful for. So I share it with you as a way to begin a day, a journey, a lifetime of being simply, ready to be ready.


Try it on you might like it. If you don’t I’d be happy to provide store credit. 


Links to the article and youtube video (once its posted there..heh..) below.


Enjoy the Hicks Remix!


and hey,


Thanks for hangin.


Show Notes:


Thank you and jjbbllkk for Those Xylophone sounds

Rehearse Your Joy. from Forge on Medium. Thank you Ashley Abramson

Abraham Hicks talk on being Ready to be Ready. Thank you Abraham Hicks.




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