A Chapter Review and Commentary from the Audiobook “Somewhere In The Skies A Human Approach to The UFO Phenomenon” Written By Ryan Sprague




Welcome to 2021 wonderful beings in this human experience! We are back and with an extra terrestrial/ interdimensional (ultra-dimensional?) treat this episode. 

I recently was fortunate enough to be chosen to narrate a fantastic, comprehensive, investigative book “Somewhere In The Skies A Human Approach to The UFO Phenomenon” Written by Ryan Sprague

If you enjoy the fringe, this book and its varying accounts of contact and experience are right up your alley. 


So much was it for me that I had to bring a sample to you, with my commentary interspersed throughout. 


I bring this fun exploration with the premise that, as discussed in the last episode, Magick is always working. There are infinite ways to allow the pipes of magick to pump more powerfully through your present experience. One way is to purposefully expose yourself to reality expanding stories and concepts. A true story is here for you to expose and expand yourself into, in all its wonder and careful curation. 


Within this sparkling anomaly in the night sky of an episode we get into:

-Strange night time lights, shapes and sounds

-Two people seeing the same object but having vastly different internal experiences at the same time.

-A family deeply affected by ongoing encounters

-What the grays could be

-How consciously choosing a mindset absolutely informs our interaction with the fringe and the rest of our lives.

-My recent success with manifesting voice work

…and more!


If you are interested in grabbing a listen to the whole book click here for the audible page.

Mr. Sprague has a podcast with the same title that is a wonderful rabbit hole. Check it out.


And hey,


Thanks for hangin.


Show notes:

Ryan Sprague Author Page

Brothers of The Serpent Podcast mentioned in the show. Find them wherever you consume your podcasts

Thank you for the music:

elaineaeris For the closing credit song and inbetweeners

symphoid For the Chapter intro

Cover Art: Original By Iforce 

Books and Authors:

Karla Turner

Raymond Fowler and The Watchers I and II


The Wealth Success Affirmation Meditation Mantras Fun and Regular with Ocean Sounds

Mist3rDouglas Merch!



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