Video Review: Growth Mind

Neuroscientist Shows You the Secrets to Obtaining A Growth MindsetĀ 

Action is the answer. Andrew Huberman has got some tips.

This youtube video interview from Tom Bilyeu interviewing neuroscientist Andrew Huberman brings us a big ole bag of gems in under an hour. From EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to inducing a sigh, this video, at the bottom of the bloouerrg, highlights a couple big yet simple betterment maneuvers we can incorporate into our lives.

When you are hanging with Mist3rdouglas..yeah, the idea is to expose us all to myriad ways we can all tap into our selves, recognize we are more than whatever the moment is telling us, move past reaction and move into a fuller presence where greater awareness, choices and opportunities are at our disposal. If you play video games then you know, when you have more dialogue options, you are going to have more fun. More choices equals more fun. Most of the time true for life. The chip isle though. The choices. This video discusses the brain and body, the relation between the two and how greater awareness can come flooding in.

I can’t recommend watching the entire video enough but one take away, instantly applicable, especially when dealing with rough and tumble emotions, or traffic, is the sigh inducing technique. Turns out dogs do this all the time. First yoga and now this? Smart doggos out there.

Basically you breathe in deep, then when you are feeling full, take one more sip of air as big a sip as you can, fill those lungs to the fullest.., then sigh, off or on voice, a releasing a full exhalation. Give it a try. I love doing this when feeling flustered during traffic, mid to do list, or, especially during the Covid times here, while catching myself ruminating over past events, experiences or conversations with others and churning up needless anxious emotion. I Dog sigh right through it.

I won’t lie it takes a couple, but it works.

The induction of this sigh, and this is explained way better in the video, beginning around the 46 minute mark, Dr. Huberman tells us that there is a subset of neurons responsible for the action of sighing. Inhale twice, exhale long and you activate the parasympathetic nervous system to trigger calm via the diaphragm. Plain and simple. The diaphragm is connected in such a way as to send a signal to our brain telling it how the body is doing based on our breath. Our bodies have an ‘auto calm’ design mechanism built in. The mechanism for calm is called the sigh.

Deep breath in, then fill em to the brim, and release nice and long to induce that calm.

I want to write more about these types of physical self induction techniques. This outside in approach.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind and all new thought publications, as well as Joe Dispenza, Neville Goddard, Maxwell Maltz, Bruce Lipton etc all lean more to the inside out approach.

While training and learning up as an actor you discover there are two basic ways to go about approaching a performance. Outside in or inside out. Inside out would be classified as ‘method acting’. You generate internal thoughts, feelings, etc and have them inform and bubble up through your characters actions. Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, and one of the greatest of our times, Daniel Day Lewis. The list is extensive these are just a few. Change your thoughts and you change your behavior.

The outside in approach is more technical. The costume informs how you walk and carry yourself which will inform the way you interact with other people and thus how you portray your character. The specific speech will shape your sounds in such a way as to inform how your character is portrayed..usually with a good script. The exterior will inform the interior which will inform the performance. Change your clothes and your style of speech and you change the way people perceive you.

Both are true. Both work. Combining the two is when you get the best results for a role. Why not apply it to the show that is our lives.

The video is below. It’s queued up at the 46 minute mark for you. Can’t recommend the whole thing enough though. Really powerful information.

We are all getting better at being ourselves with every sigh and rapid eye movement. Why not lean in, build some momentum and speed up the process?

Thanks for hangin.

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