Psycho-cybernetics…that book I mentioned in the podcast..with the quote…it’s cool check it out.

Maxwell Maltz was a pretty insightful dude. He started as a plastic surgeon and witnessed some interesting and persistent outcomes post surgery in peoples lives. He noticed that patients would come in complaining about how this mole or that scar was inhibiting them from living their fullest life, and if they just had it removed their problems would be solved.

picture from pixbay

-Get outa here you unsightly Mole-

So when the surgery was finished and the healing complete, and no scar or mole or goiter or cyst or funky birth mark or ‘beauty spot’ that really just looks like smudged ‘hot chocolate’ I had one on my face growing up and my grandpa always tried to clean it off…anyway, when whatever it was that the patient had come in distressing over was removed, some people truly went on to live a happy life, but some people were still, deeply, unhappy. The root therefore could not have been the perceived physical blemish but something deeper, non physical and built into the perception of self.

He then set out to discover and solve issues that plague more people’s selves every day in our ever complexifying world. How would you like to recalibrate and optimize the ‘self image’, recognize the success mechanism built within you and how to get out of its way, remove emotional scars and wake up your true personality among much more?

Imagine waking up confident. feeling light and motivated and maintaining that sense throughout the day. The insights brought by Maxwell Maltz in Psycho-Cybernetics can lead you to shifts in the mind that are profound and positive. The book resonates deeply with the information in Joseph Murphy’s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, The Kybalion, the works of Neville Goddard, Joe Dispenza, Tony Robins, and the list goes on. It is definitely worth a read if you are in the process of filling your mind with the finer more productive, positive and empowering thoughts we can cary with us and build solid foundations on… It’s better than the alternative.

The quote was : “the doctor dresses the wound, nature heals it”- Joseph Murphy-Maxwell Maltz- a lot of other smart people I am sure.

The meaning behind the quote is that the power of the universe resides within us. The power of healing, the power of creation, of turning thoughts into things resides within us all already. We just have to get out of our own way and ride our own natural rhythm.

I am not a doctor. I am someone who enjoys discovering and diving into the sources of this seemingly perennial wisdom. A wisdom that travels with humanity through the ages, and pops up in many different forms in one way or another on a pretty constant basis.

This is definitely one of those sources.

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