Introducing Myself: I am Mist3rdouglas

Relax that’s not my name. That is my moniker. Clever right?…..Well I appreciate your honesty.

My name is Douglas Thornton. I am interested in how thinking differently, actively, pointedly, dare I say better than we currently do, can lead to better, more awake, conscious, joyful living. I am also interested in aliens (please imagine Giorgio A. Tsoukalos from Ancient Aliens shaking his gelled up otherworldly hair-dew and saying “Aliens”. Thank you.)

Why do this?

  • Because I learned a lot about how to shape my perspective as an actor shaping a character for a role that has helped me shape my optimal outlook for less than optimal, and some times outright dismal outlooks on the present moment.
  • Because the skills and tools I learned ring very synonymous with hypnotherapy, NLP, hermetic teachings, and a long list of esoteric subjects as well as new thought and self help works and teachings.
  • Because I want to help people move through a limiting, not enjoyable interior state. Once you’ve got what that place inside of you has to give, we can move on in our journey and grow, joyfully, from this and all experiences.
  • Because what was just stated above can come across as obnoxious. Like a nose so upturned it looks like I used scotch tape. That is not what I am about. Though it’ll probably come across that way at times. ugh.
  • Because I enjoy expanding the mind. I enjoy thinking old thoughts in new ways and new thoughts in old ways and every way in between.
  • Because I want to cultivate better, more fun thinking and living for everyone.
  • And because Aliens.

I spent a decade as an attempting professional actor both in Chicago and Los Angeles. I received my BFA from DePaul University. I was introduced to the Golden Dawn through the Temple of Isis in SoCal. It may be dissolved at this point. Shortly after to hermeticism and a long, ever growing list of off the beaten path studies, practices and experiences that have all lead up to now.

Here you’ll find:

  • A conversation about thinking.
  • How thinking certain things, during certain events, changes your perspective.
  • How best(? as far as I know. We’ll find out together.) to engage with these and other thoughts.
  • Wild conversations about how this and all the other wild subjects out there *cough Aliens cough* make life that much more worth living.

I’ll leave you with the introduction to the narration of The Kybalion, a book on the hermetic philosophy I did just in case you’re interested:

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Introducing Myself: I am Mist3rdouglas

  1. I just stumbled onto your podcast and am already a huge fan. Thankful for my ongoing fascination with Ingo Swann, remote viewing, OBE’s, etc., for leading me to you! I love your energy – keep up the great work!


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