Back in action with part TWO of our engagement with Ingo Swan’s “Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP”


And here we get to the nitty gritty:


In this episode we discuss specifically the simple how to of dipping your toes into the remote viewing pool.

Remember: it’s not about actively focusing on the information you are looking to observe. It is more about getting out of your own way and spotting the information already flowing up from your psychic core. You are ALREADY psychic. Now it’s time for gentle attention to be paid to the system ALREADY constantly working within you, presenting the information desired to be observed.




-Paper and writing utensil. Chill spot to chill in. 15- 20 minutes.


1. relax, close your eyes if can. Chill.

2. ask to view/perceive mist3rDouglas’s remote viewing image

3. let your hand doodle down what comes to you

4. get that feedback (for quick feedback DM me on twitter @mist3rdouglas)


I’ll have a new one every two Weeks to start out. I’ll post the answer to the previous round when the new image comes out.


Link to the Russel Targ App ESP Trainer

and here are some of the images from the book referenced in the episode:


If this one isn’t a pretty solid hit I don’t know what is. The target was a drawing of a cat. The response was of a cats face…or a crude drawing of an actor from the recent movie cats..which from the commercials and commentary looks yeah also a hit.



Love this one. Target was a tennis ball. Response looks like a tennis ball in motion to me. A correct aspect of the target involved for sure.



Definitely viewing most of the components in this one. Looks like the segments didn’t coalesce is all.


I apologize for the portrait positioned pictures..


The book is solid and Ingos writing is very digestible and his information is well sourced. 


Perhaps this is a path revealed for you to take into a more magickal world. Perhaps it’s another bunch of bricks familiar for your feet on their own fantastical journey. Perhaps it’s yet another whisper among many. Perhaps it’s the only one. No matter, you are here, now. I think that’s awesome. Welcome! Your wild, weird, wonderful future is that much closer to your experienced now.

and hey, Happy New Year!


Thanks for hangin.




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