Chapter 17 of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: How to Use Your Subconscious Mind for Forgiveness


“If you set up resistance in your mind to the flow of Life through you, this emotional congestion will get snarled up in your subconscious mind and cause all kinds of negative conditions.”

-Joseph Murphy

Forgiveness flushes out that goopy congestion allowing life to flow more freely and for you to experience more of the life you want. 


Imagine yourself in the free flow of life! Get into your flow and allow Mr. Murphy and Mist3rDouglas to gently nudge you into that wonderful downstream of delight.

This chapter elucidates:

-How Life always forgives you

-How to banish those feelings of guilt

-How criticism cannot hurt you without your consent

…and more!

Techniques and personal accounts abound in this chapter.


Amazon link to the book


“To forgive is to give something for. Give love, peace, joy, wisdom, and all the blessings of life to the other, until there is no sting left in your mind. This is really the acid test of forgiveness” 

– Joseph Murphy


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