Chapter 6 of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Mr. Murphy Talks Techniques.


Practical Techniques in Mental Healings


This episode walks us through chapter six where we break down several techniques that Mr. Murphy has laid before us.  Included:

-The visualization technique

-The mental movie method

-the (10 day) Baudoin technique 

and more…!

This episode gets interesting because it is by and large a recommendation chapter and more of a how to. Still presented in a conversational tone, however Mr. Murphy starts to ask us specifically to focus in and do the thinking to bring about your life’s dream living. There are some interesting stories in the chapter including a prescription for ridding oneself of unwanted attention as well as a story of Dr. Quimby who had a very specific way of utilizing a mental courtroom to bring healing to people for 20 years from 1849-1869..for 20 years!

This information only fuels the mysterious fire that is the endlessly enjoyable exploration of consciousness, the mind and what exactly, or really just more clear than it is now because now it’s not as clear as it could be, we are made of as well as how could we as humans aspire to move forward and upward? Would playing out scenarios in our imaginations truly inform our waking experienced exterior reality? While feeling the feeling of already having attained what we are visualizing? How many times have we read and heard of athletes use of visualization? Why not visualize and feel having gotten that email? Taking that flight back from a wonderful vacation? Or simply a relaxed commute?

What would happen if you applied the mental movie method? The decree method? The Baudoin technique?  Join me cause I’m doin it. Find out how I am dipping my toes into the fruitful waters of the subconscious mind! 

Imagine tapping into the power of your subconscious mind, instigated in part because you were hangin with Mist3rDouglas. 

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